Marco and Lauretta Hannel Prayer Letter: God's BlessingsWHAT A WEEK!

God truly blessed our Missions Conference week at our sending church. We enjoyed helping with the puppets and inflatables at the day planned for the bus kids. There was a great turnout, and 8 professed their faith in Jesus! That was just the start. God brought in a wonderful group of 13 missionaries and preachers to fellowship with. The preaching was Spirit-led, and we knew God’s presence through it all. In addition to the 8 children saved, 4 adults accepted Christ during the week! We praise the Lord for this!


My son Enoch and I were able to travel to Coldwater, Mississippi, to help Calvary Baptist Church with their bus. Unfortunately, we were unable to get the bus going, but we did detect the problem with the wiring. We thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome and the soul-winning opportunities there. I also had opportunity to help two other churches with their buses this month, and I was able to get one going!


As we enter the Christmas season, please pray for opportunities to share the best gift given to us, as found in John 3:16. Also pray for Lauretta and the baby, as we are quickly approaching the date when she is due! We are grateful for this season to enjoy extra time with family and friends and reflect on what God has done for us this year. It has been a year filled with many blessings from the Lord and extra grace as we have started this deputation journey.


We just want to give thanks for some specific blessings this year and share them with you all. God blessed us with the following this year: a ministry trip to Papua New Guinea, two vehicles given to us for ministry, a fun time raising chickens, a new baby coming, an encouraging Candidate School and Missions University week in Hammond, Indiana, our commissioning into ministry with FBMI, and countless ministry opportunities through our church and churches we have visited this year.

Prayer Requests

  • Lauretta and the baby
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Laborers
  • Truck repairs

Keep the Buses Going,

The Hannel Family
Marco, Lauretta, Enoch, Alice, Reese, and Baby Bunny