Larae Hoff Prayer Letter: What About the Teenagers?Did you all have a great Christmas? My parents and I got to have two Christmases, but the first one was very special. While in Florida spending time with the family, we decided to teach my nieces and step-nephew about our family tradition. My dad has a unique tradition about saying what you are thankful for before you open up each gift, and we got to share that with my sister-in-law and the children. It was different to hear my high-school-aged nieces thanking God for things like air, emotions, scientific words, etc.

The one question I have been asked most at churches is, “What about the teenagers?” Yes, even though elementary is my specialty, I have a heart for the high schoolers and middle schoolers also. Before I started deputation, I wanted to see a Bible Club started in the middle school in my hometown where I went as a student. This past fall, I was asked if I would lead one when I was in Maine, but I knew that it was too much. So, I talked with local pastors; and, praise the Lord, He allowed a “party club” (one time only) to happen at the Reeds Brook Middle School. The principal even asked if we could do it in the town next to my hometown also. Yes, even though there was a difficulty with flyers and the superintendent, there were three middle schoolers who had the opportunity to hear about Christ. The middle schoolers even asked if we would be able to continue to have the club. Please pray for the future of this middle school club.

I was blessed to ring in and celebrate the new year with the church members in Mattawamkeag, Maine, after sharing about the ministry in Ghana. I shared my presentation at a Wednesday prayer meeting in Hampden, Maine. It was good to see folks that I grew up with, as well as meet their new members. I got to give an update on a Sunday morning in Winterport, Maine, while seeing more new people at the service.

Usually when I visit your churches and speak with the children, I ask them a question, “What about you?” I give them suggestions about telling the neighbor who lives across the street or a family member about Christ. Typically, when I go out soul winning with my home-church folks, we visit the kids from our church bus route or people in Hermon, but it hit me—what about me personally? Yes, I personally know the group of neighbors that surround my house, but I don’t know the rest of those on my street in Newburgh. So, this winter I decided to go out and visit those on Chapman Road. It was wonderful to meet a neighbor who went to the same Bible Camp I did, as well as the neighbor who said they were a Christian. I will continue praying for the neighbors who took tracts and listened even though their hearts were closed.

Please pray for more meetings to happen in the New England area. Yes, even though I got a throat infection, God has allowed pop-in visits to happen this winter in Maine. I will be traveling out of New England again starting in March. Thank you for the many prayers and notes of encouragement you have sent.

In Christ,

Larae Hoff