Larae Hoff Prayer Letter: My First Missions ConferenceI want to say “Thank you!” Thank you for praying for me; your prayers have meant a great deal. I am thankful for Christ answering your prayers. He blessed me with safe traveling mercies and answered a personal prayer request.

I started off September in Michigan. On September 5, I had the opportunity to visit a friend from college and share with the members and children’s church in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. The 12th of September was busy, as I shared my testimony in North Port, Florida, in the morning service and had the opportunity that evening to travel to Winter Haven, Florida, to visit a college friend and talk with many church members. The 19th of September, I was blessed to share my ministry and watch some people get baptized in Marion, North Carolina. September 24-29, I was honored to speak at my first Missions Conference in Longmont, Colorado; I also taught their children’s church. On October 3, I was able to share my testimony in Sunday school and talk with many retired African missionaries in Waynesville, North Carolina. That Wednesday, October 6, I shared my ministry in Willingboro, New Jersey. I continued my journey north and was in my home church on October 10. On October 21, I was blessed to go back to school. Hee-Hee! Yes, I shared about missions with the lower-elementary chapel at Bangor Christian Schools and then talked with the third- and sixth-grade students. The 24th of October, I enjoyed sharing my ministry in Levant, Maine, where I was able to see former Good News Club attendees and several familiar faces.

Unsaved family members—always a prayer request on every believer’s heart, but when the door of opportunity opens, you should walk through it and see where it will lead you. While in Florida, I prayed that weekend about seeing my family members; I wasn’t sure where their hearts were. On that Monday, the opportunity opened for a beginning conversation about the Gospel with my two teenage nieces, Ayana and Chelsea. On that Wednesday after visiting a “new to them” church, the opportunity opened again, and both of them trusted Christ as their Saviour. Please pray that Ayana and Chelsea will continue to grow as Christians.

I am staying in the New England area during the remainder of this fall and all of winter. On October 12, I started helping with the Good News Clubs. I am helping in the Hermon Middle School and Hampden Elementary Schools on Tuesdays. On November 12, I will also be helping with the monthly club in Corinth. Please pray that COVID-19 and other wintery health problems won’t prevent the children from coming.

I would like to ask you to join me in praying for my vehicle. When I left North Carolina, after doing car maintenance, my check engine light came on. I was able to message my mechanic in Maine, and we decided that it would be okay till I came home. After two stops at his shop, he told me that it would need a part, which isn’t in my price range. Will you pray that the mechanics have wisdom in solving this repair?

It has been a great joy to meet so many Christians during the beginning of my deputation journey, to hear their testimonies and to join them in visitation/evangelism. Please continue to pray that the doors will open for the right meetings to take place, as I continue seeking God for more support. Thank you for being a blessing!

In Christ,

Larae Hoff