Mshama and Martha Kinyonga Prayer Letter: Back on the FieldThis is the first letter we are writing since we’ve been back in Tanzania. We arrived very early in the morning on June 3. We thank God for a safe trip and that all 37 of our bags arrived with no trouble. The kids did great, and for that, we are also thankful. We appreciate all the folks who prayed for our trip. We are especially grateful to Pastor Noonan and the folks at Faith Baptist Church who took care of us while we were Stateside, and we want to thank Bro. Matt Kielas and the men who drove us to the airport and helped us unload all our baggage. We are so grateful that God allows us to meet and have a connection with folks. It is encouraging to know that we get to team up with many churches and individuals as we all do our part to get the Gospel around the world.

Divine Appointments

In Amsterdam while traveling back to Tanzania, I met a young college student named Salas. He was a Tanzanian studying in Amsterdam, but he was traveling that day back to Tanzania for a research project. The Lord allowed him to sit right near me. We did a casual greeting, and then he started talking with me about his future plans. That opened the door for me to ask him about his “future destination.” Right there on the plane, he trusted Christ. The lady in front of us also heard the conversation. She was saved already but said that listening to the conversation challenged her to witness to folks as well.

My wife and I were in town here in Tanzania. I was waiting in the car for her when the parking attendant came to get the money from me because I was parked. We greeted each other, and because there weren’t a lot of cars yet in her area, we continued the casual conversation, which led to church. I invited her to our church and then said to her, “No matter what church you attend, do you know for sure you are going to Heaven?” She didn’t know, and after talking with her, she trusted Christ as her Saviour. Her name is Mama Miriam.

Lastly, there was a lady, Mama Monica, who came to our church as a visitor three years ago. She asked for some advice, and I told her in my best wisdom what I thought she should do. She decided to take a different path, and I hadn’t heard from her since. Well, that first Wednesday I was back, which was June 9, I received a phone call from her. She said her life had fallen apart, and she was wondering if she could come back to church. “Of course,” I said, “you are welcome!” We were able to make sure about her salvation. It’s only been a little less than a month, but she has been faithful in coming and has brought visitors, so please pray that she will continue to come and that my wife and the ladies can continue to encourage her as well.


Thank you all again for your prayer and financial support. Thank you all for the anniversary and birthday wishes for our family. We are grateful for you all. We wanted you all to be encouraged to hear some stories that are fruit added to your account. Please know that we pray for you; we pray that the Lord will continue to use you all in your Jerusalem and to the uttermost parts of the earth. If we can be a help to you all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love you guys.

Your missionary friends,

Mshama, Martha, Esther, Benjamin, & Rachel Kinyonga