Keith Hamilton Prayer Letter:  Moving, Meetings, and Men’s CampMoving, Meetings, and Men’s Camp

There has been so much happening the last couple months. I have listed much of it below:

May 1 – I signed the rental agreement for our new church meeting place.
May 1 – 23 – We searched diligently for a new home to live in, on the internet and viewing many properties.
May 3 – We had our last meeting at the South Court Hotel.
May 4 – 9 – We cleaned, painted, and prepared our new meeting place. On Friday we had a cleaning day with our family and George and Irene, a South African couple that has been coming faithfully since March 22. I also painted the front door blue to match our logo and sign.
May 10 – We held our first Sunday meeting in the centre of Limerick. We had a small dedication service with the Lord’s Supper and a message on the purpose of a building. We then traveled to Dundrum to preach for Hope Baptist Church on Sunday evening (top photo).
May 13 – We had our first Wednesday Bible study.
May 17 – After our Sunday morning meeting, we headed over to Dublin once again to preach at Hope Baptist Church.
May 20 – In our Bible study, we had a new visitor, a South African lady named Gillian. She is the mother of Irene and has come faithfully to our Wednesday Bible studies.
May 22 – We finally found a new home in the country that is suitable to live in . . . and only nine days before we had to be out of our house (second photo). The house is only 8 minutes from the city and 15 minutes from the church. Our new address is Whitethorns, Fanningstown, Crecora, Co. Limerick, Ireland. It will be reflected in our next letter. This was also the same day that Ireland voted for a constitutional change on the definition of marriage to include sodomy.
May 25 – After calling several companies, I found the cheapest moving service could move us just 15 minutes down the road for $1,300. The only rental van available was a Sprinter for $270 for the weekend. I decided to go with the van.
May 23 – Our sign was put up on the building (bottom photo).
May 25 – 29 – We packed the house for our move.
May 27 – We gave our deposit and signed a rental agreement for our new home. This Wednesday night Raymond showed up to drop off his son Edmond. I was wondering if he would keep coming, but this was a good sign.
May 29 – Keith and I went to pick up the rental van. I immediately went home and began filling it with boxes and taking things over to the new house. I got to make three trips and finished at 11 p.m.
May 30 – This day we did the bulk of our move with the help of Bro. Elias Correa and Bro. Bob Hutton, missionary in Mallow, Ireland. Bro. Correa happened to be in Ireland on the day of our move. Bro. Hutton happened to notice we were moving and offered assistance. It was amazing to see God’s hand in providing helpers. I got up at 4 a.m. and began loading the van, getting four loads finished before the other men arrived. With their help we were able to get 90% of the heavy items brought over.
June 2 – 4 – We cleaned the old house to get our deposit back; the rest of the month was spent trying to find our things.
June 3 – Raymond finally came himself after three weeks.
June 8 – 12 – We spent the time trying to dig through our house to find our things and get settled.
June 14 – We had five first-time visitors.
June 16 – We went to an emergency dental appointment. Thankfully, the situation was not as bad as we thought.
June 17 – 26 – I brought my two oldest boys down to Waterford for a Men’s Camp. It was a great time of fellowship.
June 21 & 28 – We had 8 visitors.

Also in the midst of all that was happening, we were able to continue homeschooling, and we gave the Gospel and got tracts into the hands of hundreds of people in Limerick.

Please continue praying for these needs:

1. Our support level has maintained at 90% of what we need; please pray it might increase.
2. God’s blessing on our new meeting space
3. New chairs for the new building
3. Furlough plane tickets

I thank all of you who lift us up in prayer and those who support us financially. We appreciate your sacrifices.

In the campaign for Irish souls,

Keith Hamilton