Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Urgent Prayer RequestTheresa and I will be in America in July and August unless I am called back to Haiti during that time. We have recently learned of an attempt by a Haitian man to corruptly take the land and buildings that we occupy with the Tim Bower family, the Harry Peart III family, and Dr. Anne Livingston. These missionaries are presently in St. Raphael, Haiti, but they are making preparations to relocate if the Haitian man gets his way. Should this happen, he wins, the lawyers win, and the judge wins. I believe life can be like that in many third-world countries, not just in Haiti. Please join us in prayer about this matter.

I am usually speaking in three or four different Haitian churches per month, along with preaching weekly in St. Raphael where our ministry is located. Since our last prayer letter, I have recorded 153 salvation decisions. To God be the glory!

Although we do not major on the temporal in our ministry, we have occasionally set out to help families with food, clothing, and medicine. For example, Theresa and I put together a package of rice, beans, and cooking oil for approximately $5 per household, which can feed a family for several days. Recently we distributed food packages unannounced to 60 mothers in our church. Having visited some of these homes, some of these families do not know where their next meal is coming from; and for many, when they do eat, it is only one meal a day.

Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts.


Keith and Theresa