Keith Baker Prayer Letter: Thank You for Your Continued SupportIf one is driving in Haiti, the most singular rule of the road to remember is that small must yield to large. That is, a motorcycle must yield to a car or pickup, which in turn must surrender to a tractor trailer or bus. Pedestrians must approach traffic with a great deal of caution, as they are smaller than any vehicle.

Two key men in my ministry have recently been in motorcycle accidents. Their names are Michel Medes and Joseph Bruno. Medes was trained by our ministry and pastors three hours away. Bruno is still in our school but pastors about one hour away. Both men need an operation on their broken legs in the near future.

If there are two men in Haiti whom I would call my Timothies, it would be Medes and Bruno. Both men have planted a church, and both men are very faithful. There is a certain amount of risk involved with medical procedures in this country. Please pray with us for a complete healing and thorough recovery for both of these men.

Due to logistical issues, we are not presently evangelizing in the Dondon area. Since our last letter, we have chiefly targeted our local city for soul winning, with four people trusting Christ.

After finishing with the Prison Epistles in 2020, this semester my lectures in our four-week cycle of school will be in II Corinthians.

Our annual Christmas program was spearheaded by Theresa, with many hours of preparation and rehearsal. She saw 17 salvation decisions in Junior Church in November and December.

Thank you for another year of faithful support. We appreciate your prayers and financial gifts.


Keith and Theresa Baker