Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Summer Soccer Camp for 300 BoysWe concluded teaching on June 17 with our 7 college students. We will take a few months away from our studies, but we will attempt to keep up personal evangelism with them during the summer. On June 18, I took our students to Limonad (Lee-mo-nod), and 9 were saved. On June 25, we traveled to Dondon, and 4 trusted Christ. We also continue our local Market Ministry on Thursdays.

Starting July 12, we will be conducting a Summer Soccer Camp for approximately 300 Haitian youths with an evangelistic emphasis. They will lodge here ruggedly but have all of their meals provided.

We have had several opportunities to help Haitians already this summer to meet some aspect of their physical needs without risking the expense of the spiritual goal of our work. Recently in June, Theresa and I put together packages of rice, beans, and oil and distributed them to 60 needy families.

We also have spent time this summer working on a new medical clinic for Dr. Anne Livingston. She serves in Haiti with us but is moving into a much larger facility on the property adjoining our compound.

Thank you again for your support and for the occasion to report on our ministry.


Keith and Theresa Baker