Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Pray for HaitiOn January 13, one-third of the Haitian Senate will complete their political term and are required to step down from their positions. Normally, that is not too problematic, but the affairs in Haiti have not been normal in recent months. Some of these leaders have allegedly abused their powers in an effort to remove the nation’s president, Jovenel Moise. These same senators are allegedly responsible for some of the unruly demonstrations of 2019.

Because the law in Haiti gives those in congress political immunity while they hold their term, very little can be done to stop any alleged misconduct until they have completed their tenure. Since they were not successful in removing the president, some may be facing prison terms in the near future and have called for more demonstrations while they are still able to do so.

Since our last letter, Theresa and I were able to return to our ministry in Wallondry, where I was able to teach Minor Prophets for four weeks and help many of our church family and staff have a nicer Christmas.

Circumstances forced us to return Stateside at the end of December. We have reservations on a February 4 return flight, as we believe the problem in mid-January should be largely diffused. We appreciate your prayers about these matters.


Keith and Theresa Baker