Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Personal EvangelismAs I write this, portions of Haiti are in an uproar. Violent demonstrations have dominated the news for several days. Commerce and transportation are at a standstill. There are reports of widespread looting and disorder, with several losing their lives. Although Theresa and I have been aware of several tragic political unrests in the past, this is the worst we have seen it since arriving 10 years ago. It is not safe for us to be out in public view presently, so we will stay sheltered until this storm is past.

I just finished four weeks of teaching on the doctrine of salvation, but all of our school ministries are at a standstill until our students are positively out of harm’s way.

Recently, we have conducted personal evangelism in the towns of Dondon, Savanette, and St. Raphael. Since our last letter, we have seen 29 trust Christ as their Saviour. One Haitian man was lying in his yard next to a pair of crutches. I asked him about his mishap, and he told me that he had injured his foot while putting on a boot, unaware there was a tarantula inside of it. (Personally, I have seen those eight-legged pests that have larger than my hand.) Even though he could not read the Scriptures, he listened as I shared the Gospel.

As I mentioned, the Solid Rock Baptist Church in Ankeny, Iowa, started on August 26. Theresa and I were beyond grateful to be able to help Keith Jr. and Jennifer with the work leading up to their Grand Opening. We arrived back in Haiti in September.


Keith and Theresa Baker