Keith Baker Prayer Letter: Fet MwasonOn May 12, we conducted our annual Fet Mwason, equivalent to a Harvest Holiday. Preparations for this celebration started on the 10th with the dressing of a cow. Meat is a delight for the average Haitian, so it was little surprise that we were blessed to feed 825 people. How was I able to count that many heads? I didn’t. However, earlier in the week, while buying provisions for the anniversary, I purchased 1,100 to-go boxes, and after everyone was served, there were 275 containers left over.

We saw 21 come to the Cross in May, and we had 9 baptisms at the local canal during our Fet.

May 26 was our Mother’s Day, and we honored 63 moms. Most families here in Haiti can use the most practical of gifts, so once again, we put together and distributed sacks containing rice, beans, and oil.

Theresa and I will be in the States this summer. If you would like for us to report to you in person, you can contact us via email at

We appreciate you. Thank you for all of your assistance.


Keith and Theresa Baker