Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Bus Ministry Record!I thought I had seen some big days years ago in the Bus Ministry (while still in America) that might be hard to be topped, but recently, as I stopped our bus at a location, 87 riders got on board. That may not be a record, but all we have is a 35-passenger vehicle! The hardest thing I did that day was getting the bus door closed and then back open again.

Our radio station is up and broadcasting as of December. I believe it can only reach the listening audience ten miles out, but it is a start. Our city, San Raphael, is nestled in the hill country.

As I write this on January 7, our seminary work has commenced this week. Our primary school and vocational school will start their second semesters on the 13th.

There is a good possibility we will be constructing a 40-foot by 60-foot cinder-block church building in February for a congregation in the area called Matador. Pastor Daniel, one of our seminary graduates, has been holding church services there for more than two years.

Our soul-winning work is not diminishing. We are constantly seeking new areas to evangelize. Preaching, teaching, and the Bible Club work are all going well.


Keith & Theresa Baker