Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  Back on the FieldFrom February 18 until March 8, Theresa and I were in the States. As the violence escalated in Haiti, it became apparent that our presence in St. Raphael could jeopardize our safety and the safety of those with whom we minister. In reality, our Haitian pastors asked us to leave until the political upheaval became somewhat diffused. Without going into a lot of details, commerce has suffered another setback, which affects their agriculture and the schools. These demonstrations also contribute to the weakening of the Haitian dollar. Today, one U.S. dollar is equivalent to 16 Haitian dollars.

Today is March 11, and we are back in our place on the mission field. Theresa taught this morning in our grade school. My teaching with the preacher boys is from 1:30 to 4:30 daily. I still have eleven weeks of lectures that I want to get in this semester. Our subject matter includes Romans, New Testament Survey, and the Book of Acts. Personal evangelism will continue to be on Thursday and Saturday mornings. Fifteen have trusted Christ since our previous prayer letter.

Thank you all for your faithful support in prayers and finances. We are certainly blessed to have your continual backing.


Keith and Theresa