Keith Baker Prayer Letter:  21 Haitians Baptized in a CanalDear Pastors and Supporting Friends,

We try to do our best so that you will never regret the kindness that you show us. We send a heartfelt “thank you” for your prayers and financial gifts.

We do not have a built-in baptistery on the church property, so occasionally we hike to the local public canal for our baptismal service. On May 11, 21 Haitians followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. The canal is only about 200 yards away and serves very well since we do not see cold temperatures in any season. That same day culminated our week-long Harvest Festival. The attendance for that Sunday was approximately 700.

I have plans to visit the States later this year between our Bible college semesters. I have not visibly reported to some of our supporting churches in seven or eight years. I cannot go to every church, but I can give an account to some.

After helping us for six months, our daughter Kara has returned to the States to accept a position as a nanny in Pleasant Valley, New York. Our youngest daughter Katie joined our ministry last month. Having completed their courses at Hyles-Anderson College, both girls have added much to our ministry to the Haitians.

On a different note, Ken and Denise’s ten-year-old daughter Makenzie was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. We would appreciate your prayers for our granddaughter.


Keith, Theresa, & Katie