Keith and Theresa Baker Prayer Letter: Quick Trip Back to Haiti to Get the Lay of the LandI, along with two other men, was able to return to our ministry in Haiti during the last week of August. In view of the upheavals of the country (earthquakes, murders, kidnappings, political instability), I believed it was practical to embark on a thought-out, short-term trip.

We conducted a back-to-school seminar all week, with over 300 young people in attendance. Our ladies were in the kitchen at dawn each day preparing meals. We taught on “Doctrines We Cannot Abandon.” For example, some of the lessons included an overview of monotheism, the incarnation, the atonement, Bible inspiration, Hell, and the Rapture. Every young person who was present was given a syllabus to follow along with the courses.

On Saturday, I also enlisted the help of some ladies from our Dorcas Club to help me prepare 102 food bags that we distributed to the elderly, widows, young mothers, and those with special needs after our Sunday morning service.

On Tuesday afternoon, we met with 18 of our pastors and church leaders to discuss the pros and cons of our return, before or after the next presidential election. Please pray that we will make a sound course of judgement with regards to the future of our work.

In the meantime, Theresa and I are attending services at Emmanuel Baptist Church of Ft. Myers, Florida. This area is populated with many relocated Haitians. We have knocked on several hundred doors this summer, and God has blessed our efforts with visitors. A few days ago, we were in a store we had visited earlier when one of the workers was holding a phone with a distressed individual on the other end. Knowing I was a missionary, she asked if I could speak with that party. I consented, and about 20 minutes into our conversation, I had the privilege of leading Greg, age 69, to Christ.

Thank you once again for your investment in our ministry.


Keith and Theresa Baker