Keith and Kelly Hamilton Prayer Letter: Giving, Going, and GuestsWe have again reached the time of year when we begin losing 10 minutes of daylight every day. Like the Gospel, as the world gets darker, the lights shine brighter. I pray that this letter about what the Lord is doing in Ireland will brighten your day and your resolve to continue living for the Lord, giving out the Gospel, and giving to His work as we all fulfill His Great Commission together around the world. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” – Matthew 28:19


As summer ended, homeschool began, and Kelly and the boys got school off to a great start. The boys are so thankful to get back into their school schedule again. They absolutely love reading and learning, and they absorb everything. Then on the first Sunday in church, I presented to our people a missions organisation that is helping refugees who are fleeing Afghanistan and getting the Gospel to them. The organisation was recommended by Missionary Edgar Feghaly, and they give 100% of money received directly to the cause. I was delighted to see our church people give over $2,700 to this need. This month we began two new and exciting opportunities to learn the Bible. In our Sunday Bible class, we are learning Old Testament History, and in our Bible study, we are going through the book of Genesis. Unfortunately, not all of our people returned after the COVID lockdowns. Two families and a single man have not returned, but we did have one student return, who is taking business classes in Limerick. Then at the end of the month, we celebrated our youngest son’s 10th birthday and bought him fish to put in a tank.


The month started with a holiday-home rental in Co. Kerry, which we purchased years ago but had to keep rescheduling due to lockdowns. This time we were able to make it and finally got to have some needed time away as a family. During that time, we had Tom Baker fill in for us. He is a lad from an IBC in Ireland, who finished seminary and has an archeology degree. He did a great job teaching on Ephesus and then preaching on Revelation 2. He also has a biblical archaeology YouTube channel called “Gospel and Spade.” Although we moved out to the country, the Lord continues to draw people into the church. In October, we had one young lady from a like-minded church in Athlone and a family of four from Romania who found us on the Internet and began attending our services. The Romanian family had been attending a more liberal church and were delighted to find a church that exclusively uses the King James Bible. Caleb has continued to spread tracts all over the region. He is single and uses his spare time for the Lord. I met him for breakfast one morning; then we went out letterboxing and covered a thousand homes in the town of Ennis. We finished with a coffee from the hotel he works at. I am so excited to have people who are on fire for God. At the end of the month, Ger and Shauna both caught COVID. Thankfully, they didn’t need to be hospitalized, but we did not see them for several weeks. We have another missionary family that will be coming soon; they will be attending our church while they get settled and try to start a church in the town of Ennis. This motivated Kelly to fix the back part of our building into a nursery/Sunday school class. She found a load of shelves, which we rented a truck and collected with some of the church people. Then she worked to clean and paint the walls. All the church people were excited to see the beautiful back room in the church. Now we need to work on the main room.

Soul Winning

We continue our weekly soul-winning programme, getting the Gospel to hundreds on the weekends. God blesses faithfulness. At the end of October when the Romanian family visited, the wife raised her hand for salvation in the invitation. Then while she was talking to my wife after the service, she told her she wanted to be saved. Kelly sat down with her and an open Bible and explained God’s plan to redeem mankind from Hell, and the wife prayed, trusting the Lord as her Saviour. She was so absolutely delighted and glad that they had made it to the service that morning. She explained that they had gotten sidetracked on the way there and were ready to head back home, but decided not to. So, the Devil really tried to keep her from being saved. Then we discovered that she had a Romanian King James Bible that Bro. Brian Nibbe worked to translate when he served in Romania. They were so excited and pleased with it, saying it really touched their hearts when they read it.

Please pray for these needs:

1. Co-laborers in Limerick
2. Protection over the ministry
3. More visitors in the countryside

Last, I thank everyone who sent birthday cards, emails, financial gifts, faithful prayers, and support and for Gospel Baptist Church in New Hampshire for increasing our support. May the Lord bless your giving as we reach out to those in this spiritually needy area of the world.

In the campaign for Irish souls,

Keith Hamilto