Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  The Work ContinuesThank you for your faithful prayers and support! We know it is not without sacrifice and effort on your part. We are faithfully serving on the foreign field, and although we do not always hear from you, we can feel your prayers on our behalf. We are so grateful for all you do for the sake of lost souls in Brazil!

Despite sickness, a severe bout of sciatic pain for two months, and discouragement, we continue to press on! As the work continues on both building projects, it has taken a toll on our physical health. I have developed a severe sciatic pain that has not improved even with physical therapy or medications. Amy needs bilateral vein surgery as soon as possible. She suffers from fatigue and chronic breathing problems as well.

In Sao Paulo

The tile floor has been installed, and we will need to grout soon. It is a very large space to grout! Electrical installation, plaster, paint, and a drop ceiling are still needed.

In Cotia

The cement floor is now complete in the auditorium. It will be very dusty until a tile floor can be installed. The plumbing needs to be installed. The foundation for the Sunday school classrooms is underway. Due to cold of winter coming upon us, I have asked the workers to close the open areas that are causing a cold draft. Only the courageous are coming to services now! Please pray that the workers can close up the unfinished walls at the top very soon and install a large door at the front of the building to keep the cold out!

We know there are many who would like to take part in the building projects. If you would like to contribute, we still need a lot of help to raise the funds in order to complete these two building projects! The new church-plant need is $30,000.

Our weekly discipleship groups are growing in number! My wife and I are personally discipling five families. In one of the homes in just five weeks, there has been a remarkable change in Miriam! As we study the Bible each week, the Word of God has pierced her heart, and the change is not only evident in her countenance but also in her conduct, as she is coming to church on her own! Regina has also studied throughout the week and surprised us all with her answers to the questions! This is an even greater blessing, because reading and writing is a challenge for these dear ladies. We help them with reading skills as we teach them the Bible.

Please pray for furlough coverage, as we would like to give our report personally and see you all again. In order to do so, we will need someone to stay in our place. Our only furlough was in 2011, and it was primarily a medical furlough for Amy’s high-risk pregnancy with the twins.

In His service,

The Vallejo Family