Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter: Why Do We Live in Brazil?Thank you again for praying for and giving to the ongoing needs of the ministries here in Sao Paulo and Cotia, Brazil. In May, we celebrated Mother’s Day with a banquet held in our Sao Paulo location. We brought the ladies from our Cotia church to the city for the event. It was a very special time for all of the ladies, and they gave testimonies stating that everyone who hadn’t gone really missed out and should have been there! God used Amy’s teaching to touch hearts and encourage the ladies.

I witnessed to Mr. Milton, an older gentleman with many health problems, including an amputated leg. He is a hard worker and a bit stubborn. He was reluctant to accept what I was trying to teach him from the Bible. However, after his son-in-law passed away suddenly, Milton started asking me questions about the Bible. We began Bible studies, and I presented him with his very own Bible. Eventually, he understood his need to trust in Christ alone for his salvation, and I had the joy of leading him to the Saviour.

In June, we celebrated Brazilian Valentine’s Day with a banquet in both churches. I regularly visit an older, discouraged Baptist pastor who lives out in the country. He plays his guitar and sings to the boys. I have offered to go soul winning with him and help him rebuild his church. Recently, while at the physical therapist’s office for my son Daniel, Luana and Janainha asked why my wife and I and our children live in Brazil if we have American citizenship, something many Brazilians dream of having. I shared our calling and the need to spread the Gospel. They were interested when I explained the Gospel, and both were willing to accept God’s free gift of salvation right there in the office. They would like to visit our church and are interested in a Bible-study booklet that Amy will be sharing with them.
In June, our cold, winter weather causes severe cold symptoms, and the most difficult part is that there is no heat inside the homes. We use winter coats outside and inside our home and church. Despite the cold, we saw people with warm hearts continuing to attend church even in the frigid temperatures.

We have knocked on every door around the new church plant out on the campsite several times. Every week we reach out further to the surrounding areas. We are discovering some new neighborhoods.

Please continue to pray for the many needs of the ministry. We appreciate every prayer on our behalf. Thank you for praying for safety for our family, good health, the children’s schooling, and the children’s music lessons. We have an urgent need for a larger vehicle. We are a family of 9 in a 7-passenger vehicle, and we always need room for more! Please pray for God to supply the funds and for us to find a van in our price range very soon! Please continue to pray for souls to be saved and baptized every week!

May the Lord bless you.

In His service,

The Vallejo Family