Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter: Thanking the Lord for His Goodness to Us AllThank you for your part in this ministry. We appreciate your prayers for our family.

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving in both churches, and some like to treat it as a formal event. We take time to thank the Lord for His goodness to all of us. We are thankful that we have our Brazilian family to celebrate with. Our Wednesday night service was extra special with a power outage! We are thankful that we could have our service and pray together and hear the people as they cried out to God to help them through their trials. One dear lady didn’t mind that the church was without power; she needed God`s supernatural power, as she is carrying a heavy burden.
We praise the Lord for the souls saved on visitation each week. We thank the Lord that through faithfulness in the ministry, when a visitor comes, we are ready to share the Gospel. We were visiting one of our families, and her eight-year-old niece had come for a visit. Audeti brought her niece to church that night, and in Junior Church, her niece came to know Jesus Christ as her Saviour. Audeti was delighted!

In December, we always have a special time at our Christmas dinner. God blessed with a good attendance. The children did really well in their Christmas program, reciting Scripture, singing, and playing the bells. Amy was so proud of them for practicing diligently on Wednesday nights and giving a strong performance.

We thank the Lord for Natalia, a teenager who was recently baptized, along with her younger brother Lazarus. She has been inviting her friends from school. Thalia, one of those friends, has remained faithful since visiting in December. Natalia is glowing with Christ’s love. She is leading people to the Lord on soul-winning visitation and at school. Nathanael, a builder, recently decided to be baptized. He has been faithful to services and witnessing to his family. Please pray for the people to remain faithful!!

We love the memories we make each year with our church family. We also treasure a special time alone as a family enjoying a memorable Christmas Day. We had a special breakfast, opened gifts, and enjoyed playing outside in the yard! The weather was beautiful! We are thankful that the kids do not expect a lot of expensive gifts and are happy just spending time together as a family.

Brazil needs the truth of the Gospel! People are lost in religion and sin. They need the truth, yet they do not desire it! We covet your prayers for us as we seek to reach lost souls. We need your prayers for good health; we are struggling with exhaustion from chronic illness. Our family of 9 has outgrown our 7-passenger car. Please consider giving a gift towards the cost of a 16-passenger van; it would be very helpful to the ministry! May the Lord bless you, your church, and your ministry.

In His service,

The Vallejo Family