Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Thank You for Your Prayers for ChloeDear Pastor and Church Family,

Thank you again for praying and supporting our family here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Please continue to pray for our two-year-old daughter Chloe. She is recuperating from Kawasaki disease (can cause aneurysms in the coronary artery). She will have an echocardiogram on May 15 to rule out any damage to her heart. While in the hospital, our daughter Esther passed out Gospel tracts continually on her own. We were blessed by her courage and how she made sure every doctor, nurse, and patient alike received a tract.

In March, Amy and Silvana prepared and decorated for the Couples’ Dinner. There was excitement in the air, the message was well received, and all the couples said they loved the event. We played several games and enjoyed a delicious meal together. The couples asked if we could do this more often, so we are planning to make it a monthly event. May the Lord work mightily in these marriages.

During ladies’ soul winning, Amy knocked on the “wrong door” looking for Sandra. Instead it was a teenage boy named Rafael. He was very willing to hear the Gospel, though, so Amy was able to lead him to the Lord outside his small apartment. During Saturday soul winning with my boys, I passed by his home, unaware that Amy had led Rafael to the Lord earlier. I talked with his mom and led her to the Lord. They are looking forward to coming to church soon! I look for an opportunity to share the Gospel every time we are out, and the Lord always allows us to find someone ready to hear and accept.

Carnival is a very wicked celebration here in Brazil. During this time we were able to provide activities for the teens with the help of one of our couples. On Saturday at the park, they enjoyed a lunch and time singing. We had a pizza party and a Christian film on Sunday and a breakfast on Monday morning before going out soul winning. Everyone came back rejoicing—a stark contrast from what they would have seen on TV during Carnival!

Stella invited her schoolmate Rafaela, and she has been coming to church faithfully ever since. Amy took the ladies to visit Rafaela’s home; and Rafaela, her mom, and her cousin all accepted Christ as Saviour. The grandmother is Catholic and a year ago refused to talk to us. Recently she passed us on the street and asked for us to come by and visit. She has become very friendly and even walks Rafaela to our services now.

Continue to pray for Hector’s family. They have been on deputation for some time in Mexico and are anxious to come and help us here. It is evident that our prayer letter is being read, as we are scheduling helpers to come even into 2015. There is still a great need, though, for short- or long-term missionary help, so let us know if you are interested! (JuanandAmyVallejo@juno.com)

Thank you for praying for our family’s health, especially as winter is approaching. Our winter is nothing like the below-zero temperatures, snow, and ice that many of you have suffered through this year, yet the kids have to sleep in their winter coats and mittens even with a space heater on!

Isael was so intent in Sunday school and answered all the questions about the lesson. As we rushed Chloe to the emergency room on Thursday, we passed Isael’s dad Ronaldo on the road. Ronaldo told us his son had been electrocuted and had just come home from the hospital! By God’s grace, the electrical wire he was holding threw him to the floor, and he released it. His feet were burned, and he has a scar on his chest; otherwise, he is recuperating well. We are thankful this family was in church together on Easter! God’s grace is truly amazing.

We were thankful we could get some spring cleaning done for our Resurrection Sunday service. Also, we are thankful for one of the teens who helped clean and one of the ladies who helped with decorating the tables and making the flower arrangements. We had 2 first-time visitors on Sunday; one was a lady Amy led to the Lord the Monday prior, and the other was a lady I led to the Lord on Saturday, along with her mother and sister. Two Brazilians came to know the risen Saviour personally! We had a special Sunday brunch with quiche, other specialty breads, and desserts. We are thankful for all the ladies who helped!

May God bless you. Thank you again for your faithful prayers and financial support!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family