Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Thank You for Another Year of Faithful Giving and Prayer!We apologize that this letter is getting out so very late. We thought that we had already sent it to the printers. We pray that you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We appreciate your faithful giving and prayers for this ministry. We also want to thank the churches who gave a special Christmas offering! It was very thoughtful and generous of you, and our kids really enjoyed their Christmas gifts!

In November, we entered the church in Sao Paulo on Sunday morning to find that thieves had broken into the church and stolen anything we had of value—even the lighting! I have been working on installing better security measures. Now we need to invest in more secure doors, windows, and locks. We lost equipment and tools that month that had to be replaced immediately, and we are still trying to recover all that was stolen.

In November, we celebrated our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with both churches and enjoyed a nice meal together. In December, we thanked the Lord for the amazing spirit and love expressed by our church family in both churches. In Sao Paulo, we laughed and enjoyed the fellowship immensely. In Cotia, we were blessed to see new converts participating and enjoying the fellowship. Overall, we had too much fun and felt overwhelming joy as we witnessed the care they each one had for one another! Carlos gave a touching speech, telling the church he had a gift for an important person who prayed for everyone and how grateful he was for “Pastor Juan.” His wife was weeping, as she was overcome with emotion from his expression of gratitude for his pastor. We are praying for God to give him victory over alcoholism.

Our New Year’s Eve services were also amazing. We had the joy of seeing young people return to church and share how God had led them back! We were blessed by Juan Jr. preaching a Holy Spirit-filled message that really surprised us—and the church! Please continue to pray for our children as they serve the Lord with all their heart and dedicate their lives to seeing people come to Christ. Esther is burdened for our Mexican neighbor, Terezinha, who is 90 years old and still reluctant to hear the Gospel. Please pray for Terezinha to open her heart to the Gospel before it is too late!

We thank the Lord for the sweet spirit in both churches. We thank the Lord for the love we have for the people and their care for us. They have been fed much false doctrine through the years, and they continue to be inundated day and night by the television preachers. Salvation by grace is still hard for them to digest, as they have been taught unbiblical, humanistic ideas that conflict with the Gospel message. We patiently show them Scripture to help them understand that we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ and not by the works of the law.

Please pray for us as we strive to teach the truth of the Gospel while the lies are screaming at them from television and the media. Please pray for our soul-winning efforts to bring forth much fruit. Please pray for the church people to be faithful and to love the Lord.

Will you also pray for helpers? We are ready, willing, and privileged to serve. We are also overwhelmed and many times overextended tending to all the needs of both churches. How much more could be done with the help of just one! Could it be someone has not heeded the call?

Please pray for my relentless sciatic nerve pain and now numbness in my leg. Please pray for Amy’s weak health. The doctors are sending her for more tests. Please pray for safety for our family and for the children’s schooling and need for music lessons. Please pray for our upcoming church events: Family Camp and our Easter program.

May the Lord bless you!

The Vallejo Family