Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Sharing the GospelWe want to thank you again for your faithfulness in giving and praying for the ministries in Sao Paulo and Cotia, Brazil.

In March, Eduardo helped drive the church van, and Amy took some of the ladies from both of our churches to a ladies’ conference. They made life-changing decisions and enjoyed the fellowship. The night before, Juliana called, asking for us to pray for her sister Patricia, who had fallen head first from the roof (trying to get her cat). On Sunday after church- wide visitation, we visited her at home. She was in, yet recuperating. Her mother Soraya opened the door and was eager for us to pray for Patricia. For the past nine years, we have knocked on their door, invited them to church, and prayed for them. For the past nine years, Soraya and Patricia have rejected our visits and the Gospel. That day, however, they were happy to see us, welcomed us in, and finally listened to the Gospel with hearts that were wide open! After a thorough explanation of the Gospel, they very willingly trusted Jesus Christ as Saviour! We returned home late Sunday afternoon, the sun was burning our skin, and our children were hot and hungry. Thank the Lord for their patience, as we are able to take these opportunities to rescue the perishing.

That same afternoon at the park, Esther found 3 young boys who wanted to hear the Gospel. She spent an hour explaining and answering their questions. These boys trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour because a 15-year-old girl sought them out and unashamedly shared the Gospel with them. I met a young dad who, after listening to me explain the Gospel, trusted Jesus Christ to save him, thanked me, and said, “I really needed to hear this today. Thank you for taking the time to share it with me!”

Some time ago while out visiting, Amy gave a tract to a man most people would think would never come to church. He was not someone you would expect to read or appreciate the tract. He did take it, though, and then gave it to his barber. The barber he gave it to saw our address and showed up in church that week with his wife!

Sergio and I took the youth from both of our churches to a youth conference two hours away. It was a great experience for them, and they came away excited and more dedicated to the Lord. Nathanael, a 13-year-old from our new church plant, has been faithfully attending church on his own and especially enjoyed his time at the youth conference! He has a smile on his face and faithfully learns his memory verses each service. His mom promised to come to church. Please pray for his parents to come to know the Lord!

We thank the Lord for a fantastic Easter service in both churches. In Cotia, Cleide’s husband finally came to church for the first time after praying for him for several months. Enrique listened to the Gospel and trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour!! Amy and the ladies prepared a delicious meal, and we had a very special time with our new church-plant family. Cleide has been such an encouragement to my wife. She comes to church cheerfully and always looks for ways to serve! Please pray for Enrique to come with her faithfully now.

In Sao Paulo, we appreciate our children for singing special music and all who helped make yet another delicious meal. Everyone really went out of their way, and it was a special time for many of our church people whose family members are far from God. One young lady recently moved away and married a country singer. She was sorry that she had not asked my counsel first, yet he came with her, was very open to hearing the Gospel, and eager to trust Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

In April, we continued working on the building project, and we are seeing some progress. We also spent time preparing for the Ladies’ Banquet in May. I dedicated time to get some more work done on our Sao Paulo building. Thank the Lord that after countless hours repairing a 1995 van for the church, it is up and running!

Thank you again for caring for the work the Lord is doing here in Sao Paulo and Cotia, Brazil. We covet your prayers for our safety, for our health, and for wisdom and physical strength for the tasks before us. We ask you to pray for God to provide for the many needs and mounting costs of the building projects. We are using our monthly salary to cover these costs, yet they are beyond us. Our children help us clean, set up the sound system, greet, teach children’s church, sing in the choir, make visits, and share the Gospel. When many think making it to Sunday school on time is a sacrifice, our children have swept, mopped, and are ready with the lesson! Thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him! When the work is far more than our weary bodies can handle, we appreciate every prayer on our behalf!

Would there be one who could say, “Here am I, Lord; send me”? The needs are real! The benefits are out of this world! Please pray for a pianist for our churches.

May the Lord bless you!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family