Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Praise, Prayer, and FamilyTruly the harvest is plenteous, and the laborers are few. Thank you for your prayers as we continue to labor in His harvest, one by one, reaching the lost, as you pray for us to have health and strength for the battle.


• God’s faithfulness and love for us
• God’s leading as I have followed His command and almost daily had the privilege of leading souls to Christ
• With the help of one faithful couple, our church, Igreja Batista de Sao Paulo, held a Day Camp during Carnival, with activities each day for the youth and a church-wide barbecue on Monday. The youth and adults loved the activities!
• Saturday soul winning during Carnival—a great group of kids, teens, and adults hit the streets with the Gospel, as a sad group formed around the corner bar with loud music and drinking.
• During ladies’ visitation one day, Amy led 9 to Christ, Esther led 2, and another lady led 3, for a total of 14 saved in one afternoon.
• Over 45 were saved at the preaching of 2 funerals. What a joy it was to be able to share the hope of the Gospel to these desperate souls. Maria’s (a dear faithful lady in our church) sister-in-law died of cancer, and a young man was shot and killed. I led his mother to the Lord some time ago, and she visited our church.
• We were able to help a family in need, praying for the husband to find a job, which he did, and giving food, clothing, and a bed.

Prayer Requests:

• Agusto, a man whom I visit and pray with six days a week, is bedridden and in a vegetative state after a work-related accident. He responds to my voice and seems happy to see me. We are praying for his healing. (I have had the privilege of leading his wife Ivani, his daughter-in-law Raquel, his sons Saulo and Tiago, and Daniel (a close friend of the family) to the Lord during these visits. All of them have started coming to our church as well.
• Please continue to pray for our family’s health and safety. Please pray for the children’s schooling. The orthopedic doctor read the results of Amy’s CT scan and has limited her activity to only non-impact exercises, such as stretching and swimming, and no heavy lifting. Her cervical spine has a degenerative and arthritic condition. (Many years ago she suffered whiplash in a car accident.) Please pray for her, as she has chronic neck and back pain.

Family News:

• Esther and the twins celebrated birthdays this month. Esther turned 12, and the twins turned 3!
• Esther has been “little mommy” to her younger siblings and is a tremendous help to our family and ministry. She runs the sound room, loves to sing, and tell others about Christ (she is Amy’s faithful soul-winning partner). She blesses us with her vibrancy and love.
• The twins are quite the pair and, yes, keep us on our toes.
• Chloe will have a checkup soon. Please pray for her continued health and recovery from Kawasaki disease.
• Caleb is still awaiting his surgery for an epigastric hernia.

May the Lord bless you.

In His service,

The Vallejo Family