Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  One Mighty God!We spend precious time in prayer as we travel back and forth from Sao Paulo to our new church plant and thank the Lord for you and your faithful prayers and support. The children pray and thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve the Lord in Brazil. They have made many sacrifices in the last 10 years, as their young lives are just as dedicated to the work here as my wife’s and mine are. Many people ask how we are running two churches; we truly wish we could do more—two churches, two building projects, and One Mighty God! Thank you for your part in these ministries!

We do covet your prayers for our health and protection as we press on with the construction projects and run the two churches. God’s grace is surely amazing to allow us to have this privilege. At the new church plant, we have moved from our previous meeting area “under the tree,” to the unfinished church building. With a roof, walls, and a partially cemented floor, we have been able to hold services; and it truly has made a difference!

We have been fervently praying for Alan’s salvation for several months. His wife Marlene has been with us since the first service, and she is Amy’s faithful soul-winning partner. Alan gave a testimony, saying that I was one of the greatest blessings in his life. I had invited his family over for meals, and although he responded to the friendship, he had not been open to the Gospel. One afternoon over lunch, he finally allowed me to share the Gospel with him, and he trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour! Talk about rejoicing! This is just one exciting story of the 34 souls we have had the joy of leading to the Lord in the last two months.

In Sao Paulo we were blessed to have several help out on our Sunday soul-winning days, and it is great to see everyone return rejoicing! While making visits, Amy ran into a lady whom she had met and witnessed to nine years ago, but who had never accepted the Saviour. As she stood on her front sidewalk with her sister listening to Amy explain the Gospel, there was no delay this time in accepting the free gift of salvation!

David, our nine-year-old, recently ran out of tracts while out visiting at a park with me. He decided just to go ahead and explain the Gospel by memory. The two children understood God’s simple plan of salvation and followed him in the sinner’s prayer.

There is still a very urgent need for funds to keep the construction projects going! We are very encouraged by those who have taken part in these projects. Your giving is making a difference in so many lives here in Brazil! Your prayers for us and the two churches makes a real difference here on the foreign field. If you would like to give a few weeks or months (or more) serving on the mission field, please contact us by email at juanandamyvallejo@juno.com. Thank you again for taking part in these exciting ministries, where souls are being saved and lives are being changed for God’s glory! May the Lord bless you!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family