Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Happy Thanksgiving!Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. We are so thankful for you and your prayers and giving. We covet your prayers as we face the challenges of life on the mission field. One of the most difficult challenges is that of losing precious time on daily tasks. I have had to take the washing machine apart several times to work on it; since it is washing, yet not spinning, the kids help us wring out the clothes by hand and hang them on the line. We have had some precious times, though, working together as a family! When the appliances, plumbing, and house repairs that need constant attention weigh us down, it is a comfort to know our God is in control.

Despite all the setbacks, we praise the Lord for the time He has allowed us to witness and to see the fruit of our labors. Recently, two young ladies and Hector`s family made it to Brazil safely. We are thankful for the opportunity to reach more doors and reach out further with the helpers God has given us. Please pray as the enemy seems to throw anything he can their way to try to get us all down. We have spent hours at doctor visits day after day and week after week and even visits to the ER and hospital this month. Please pray for Diana, as she has had some concerning health issues. We have taken this as an opportunity to share the Gospel with so many doctors, nurses, and patients who have readily accepted our tracts and invitations to church.


• Couples night, Hawaiian theme. The couples enjoyed lots of laughter, food, and fun!
• God`s protection, provision, and health
• Opportunity to lead Nair and her teenage son to the Lord at a BBQ we were invited to by a couple in our church
• Two young men who listened to the Gospel in the street, bowed their heads, and willingly asked the Lord to save them
• Natalia, Cristiani, and her son who were led to the Lord during the invitation time
• Rafaela`s grandma, who accepted Christ as her Saviour and also agreed allow Amy to teach her a weekly Bible study
• Children’s Day, with a full carport and many saved―a special day for the children and their parents; all the preparations from our church people, with candy, snacks, hot dogs, and cupcakes, as well as decorations
• Souls saved each week in church services, and out on visitation.

May the Lord bless you.

The Vallejo Family

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