Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter: Happy New Year!Happy New Year! One of the families said that this was the best New Year’s Eve of their lives! We prayed the new year in together as a church family! We pray you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your friends and families. Many of our church people were traveling, yet we celebrated with a presentation from the youth and a dinner. We thank the Lord for our Thanksgiving service as well and ALL THE WORK that went into preparing the building and all of the families who brought excellent dishes. The church people were impressed with the addition and the delicious dinner. (We were exhausted, yet very grateful!)

Moving to the camp has helped so that we can take mini breaks from time to time, playing soccer with the kids, having picnics in the yard, or looking at the stars in the clear night air. We have yet to take a vacation since coming to the field in 2006, so any rest and time we share as a family is even more appreciated. Thank you for praying for our health needs. My sciatic nerve pain continues, and Amy is scheduling tests that will help determine the extent of her apnea. The pneumonia she had last August weakened her, and she tires easily. The older kids have serious sinusitis due to the dust and pollution in the city. It has affected their sleep, schooling, and ability to sing for services due to constant sore throats. We need to stay in the city four days a week for services, counseling, and visitation. We thank the Lord that the flooring is being installed in Cotia, as the cement dust exacerbates our family’s allergies, sinusitis, and bronchitis.

Despite all of this, we continue pressing on! God has blessed our daily soul-winning efforts and our time in discipling! The work on the construction continues, and the needs are mounting; prices are rising, and the costs are beyond us. We recently sold our church and family vehicle as we seek to find ways we can help with the urgent needs of the building project. We must fit a family of 9 into a 7-passenger (1995) vehicle. Please pray that we can finish rebuilding a 1995, 12-passenger van for the church needs.

Please pray about how you can help with the needs of this ministry. We want to thank all of the pastors and church members who have given sacrificially. Your prayers are essential! You encourage us with your care and help. You are welcome to come and visit us and share your time serving our Saviour! Our churches are still in need of a pianist (a guitarist and violinist are welcome as well)! We love you. May the Lord bless you in this new year!

The Vallejo Family