Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Going Forward in the WorkThank you for your consideration as we try to catch up on getting our prayer letters out to you. Despite our health problems, we are going forward in the work! We are excited to report that our soul-winning times each week have been very fruitful. Not only has the group grown, but they have also become more and more faithful. Some of the new members are now becoming active soul winners. We are thrilled to go and share the Gospel every chance we get. As we split up into several teams, we are encouraged by those we meet who will listen. Up the hill from the church and down a side street, one of our teams left a tract at the door of a lady who visited our church after receiving the tract. She now comes faithfully with her three grandchildren. The kids have joined the children’s choir, and she loved seeing them play the bells recently.

In January, we thank the Lord for the adults and children who participated in Family Camp. The BBQ, games, preaching, and fellowship were fantastic. Juan Jr. gave the morning devotional on soul winning, full of conviction and sincerity. One of the youths asked this question following the devotional: “So what will happen to indigenous people who have never heard the Gospel?” Juan’s immediate reply, without any hesitation, was, “They are the reason WE need to GO and TELL the Gospel to every creature!”

In Cotia, we have a monthly men’s meeting with a BBQ and preaching, where the men take turns preaching. We are thankful for their willingness to serve in the choir, on visitation, and during prayer vigils. It is a blessing to hear them pray so fervently and naturally now. When they first came here, they did not know how to pray, and now it is evident they have strong and sweet prayer lives.

Our dear Maria lost her 46-year-old sister to a heart attack recently. I was able to give the Gospel at the funeral and see 40 people saved. Maria said there were many staunch Catholics who were attentive to the Gospel and intently praying for salvation. Maria came to church the following Sunday with a smile on her face. As my wife gave her a hug, she said she was comforted knowing that we had led her sister to the Lord before she died.

In Junior Church, Amy is teaching the children their Bible verses with sign language, and they are learning quickly. We are burdened for the deaf in our area. Amy led Ryan to the Lord in Sunday school, and even during game time, he kept saying how he couldn’t wait to get home and start reading his Bible. We can never underestimate what happens in the heart of a young child when they get saved. We thank the Lord for the visitors who are being saved regularly in the services.

We first met Terezinha, an elderly Mexican lady, 10 years ago while visiting and sharing the Gospel with her sister. Terezinha was angry and did not want us to talk to her sister. We have continued to visit her, and over the years, she has softened some, yet never would let us share the Gospel with her. Esther has been burdened for Terezinha to be saved. She has taken a candle and other small gifts each time she visits and has won her friendship. On a recent visit, Terezinha opened up her heart to the greatest gift of all—the Gospel! Her daughter even came and asked what had happened to her because Terezinha had changed! I wish you could have seen the joy on Esther’s face!

Thank you for your faithful giving to the ministry. Thank you for your prayers for our safety, health, the children’s schooling, and the children’s music lessons. We also ask you to pray for our need to take a furlough. Please pray for the Lord to provide someone for each of the churches. The children ask when they will get to see their great-grandma, who is 87 years old. Amy’s parents celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year; we are so thankful for their faithfulness and example!

May the Lord bless you!

The Vallejo Family