Juan Vallejo Prayer Letter: Continuing to Reach the Lost of BrazilThank you for your continued support for the ministries in Sao Paulo and Cotia, Brazil. In January, a day after Esther’s 17th birthday, she led a teenage girl named Beatrice to the Lord in the morning service. Beatrice has been faithful ever since. Two weeks later, Amy led Beatrice’s mom to the Lord. I praise the Lord for the zeal our children and the church teens have for soul winning; they are eager to go out on visitation with me each week.

For the past 13 years, we have invited Helena and Carlos to church. Recently, Amy visited them, and they invited her in. Now that they are elderly, retired, and have many health problems, they allowed her to pray for them. She was able to share the Gospel with them, and they trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour! When Amy invited them to church, they said, “Oh, we can hear the sermons right here when the windows are open!” Carlos commented that he listens to our son lead the singing. Juan Jr. is 15 years old; he was only 2 years old when he first met Carlos!

In February (during Carnaval), we celebrated the family with an all-day church picnic, combining the Sao Paulo and Cotia churches. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the games, food, and fellowship. There was a real spirit of unity and fun. We were told that this year’s Brazilian Carnaval was the most vile and wicked they had ever seen. In March, Amy was asked to speak for a Ladies’ Conference. Sergio drove a van full of ladies, and they had a very enjoyable day being challenged by the Word of God. Praise the Lord for the at least 22 souls saved in January and February!

On the first day of quarantine, I was grateful for the opportunity to pass out many Gospel tracts, as everyone had a solemn and fearful look on their face. We have gathered as a family each night to pray for the victims of COVID-19 (and other illnesses), our churches, our family, and our friends. My children humbled me, as they joined me in fasting one day a week as well. We are especially praying for the pastors and churches. My wife says she will never forget my response when I learned about the cancelations and closures. I very solemnly said, “They closed the churches,” and in disbelief shook my head. (The Brazilian president moved to allow churches to open for prayer). We gathered our church in the open field that week and have not missed a single service (Wednesdays and Saturdays) in Cotia. We also drive to the city on Thursdays and Sundays to pray in Sao Paulo! One dear older member prayed, “Thank you, Lord, for my pastor not canceling services so that we can pray. My neighbor wished her pastor had that much faith!” We have been strengthened and encouraged by these sweet hours of prayer! Praise the Lord for the at least 25 souls saved during quarantine in March and April!

As you can imagine, people are fearful and anxious, as the doors have closed to their churches—churches that promise their members that they are earning their way to Heaven through their faithful church attendance). One very distraught young mother came to our door one day. After sharing with her the promise of salvation, she was able to return home with a smile on her face and a peace in her heart. She said she never imagined she would leave with that heavy burden lifted. She was depressed to the point of wanting to end it all. Luzia had been very defensive of her religion prior to getting saved; now she is defending the Bible! She has grown through the weekly Bible studies with Natalia (a teenager)! In April, my wife and I were able to teach several thorough Bible studies on baptism, and when she understood, Luzia was baptized!

One Saturday on visitation with the teens, I met a junior high school teacher. He thanked me for sharing the Gospel with him. One day Amy was especially burdened for our neighbors in the city. We drove almost an hour for her to talk with them. Jo and her daughter listened to the Gospel and prayed for salvation! Jo’s expression was one of relief, and her smile made it all worthwhile. Lucia, another neighbor, also listened to the Gospel and readily accepted the gift of salvation. (These are neighbors we have been inviting to church for 13 years!). A week later, Esther was very burdened for Ana. She asked us to take her to see Ana, so we drove almost an hour to talk with her after praying at the church. Ana has a tracheostomy site and severe health problems; she and Esther are the same age. Esther explained the Gospel beautifully, and Ana listened intently. She received the Word with gladness! One thing is for sure: Matthew 28:19 cannot be canceled! As Christians we have been given the Great Commission, and Christ’s return is imminent. Come what may, we must get the Gospel out. I wonder what it will take if this pressure is not enough for Christians to wake up and obey His command to reach the world!

Thank you for your part in reaching Brazil for Christ! We covet your prayers for our health and safety so that we can continue to reach the lost in Brazil!

May the Lord bless you!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family