Juan and Amy Vallejo Prayer Letter: Your Prayers Truly Make a DifferenceWe want to thank you for your part in the ministry here in Sao Paulo and Cotia, Brazil. We appreciate your prayers and giving. Please know that when you pray, you are truly making a difference! The Bible says to go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in. We do all we can to reach the lost. After fully explaining the Gospel, we invite people to trust in the Lord as their Saviour. Micah is only 11 years old. He has not only led many children to the Lord but also many adults. Many people cry and express their gratitude when we present them with the truth of the Gospel. Many have told me how impressed they are with our church young people out faithfully reaching the lost. Please pray for those we have reached with the Gospel to come to our church and listen to the Word of God being taught.

In September, the ladies attended a retreat an hour away. Amy and Esther were grateful to see them so attentive to the teaching. It was a nice time of fellowship. Chloe is nine years old and loves to help in the nursery. Amy led this lady and her son to the Lord as I was leading an elderly city councilman to the Lord.

One Sunday, we arrived at our Sao Paulo church to find it had been robbed. The door and handrail were broken. During Sunday school, I was able to repair them with the welding machine. Please pray that the Lord provides for the sound box that was stolen. We pray for the men in the church to be faithful and a good example to their families. I am training Brother Sergio to preach in my place when I am away for a service. My son Juan is training him to lead the music.

In October, we celebrated Children’s Day with cake and small gifts for the children. They loved this special time and enjoyed the fun activities each week. We emphasized God’s creation and biblical characters, as each child dressed up and then told us about their Bible character. Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto Me.” We provide a nursery and children’s church every service in both churches. The children are learning Bible truths and hiding God’s Word in their hearts. They love to sing to the Saviour. Please pray for us as we prepare to minister to the deaf. The teens especially are eagerly learning sign language.

In November, we celebrated Thanksgiving with a nice dinner after the service, which everyone looks forward to each year. On Saturday, the college- and career-aged young people made invitations and went out soul winning and inviting people to church in Sao Paulo. They had 11 visitors and led the adults to the Lord. In Junior Church, Amy led 4 of the children to the Lord. Our neighbor, whom we have been inviting to church for 14 years, finally came to a service in November!

The Bible says our lives are as a vapor. David is holding this precious baby, who came with her teenage Aunt Thalia to church. We had a party to celebrate Thalia’s birthday. (Esther made a beautiful and delicious cake for her.) We want to use the Gospel to make a difference in their lives while we still can.

Maria Adriana is burdened about the children in her neighborhood. She sets up cement blocks for them to sit on in her carport, and we have seen several children come to know the Saviour in the Bible Clubs on Sunday afternoons.

By God’s grace, we were able to take a group of 13 to Family/Teen Camp in November. One of the teens was so determined to go that he was willing to spend his own savings. His mom had changed her mind and was not going to let him go. Later, his dad, who does not attend church, ended up paying for him and his sister to attend the camp. The first picture is at camp; the others are from teen activities in our Cotia church. We also had a special Christmas service and then a New Year’s Eve Watchnight Service, where God blessed with a special time as a church family.

This is just a highlight of what God has allowed us to do recently. We praise the Lord for at least 100 souls saved in the past few months. Please pray for an urgent need that has arisen; we have to pay an unexpected expense which is equal to about two months’ salary. We need your prayers for our health, safety, and effectiveness on the mission field. Without your prayers, we would not be able to do the work that God has for us to do. Please pray for laborers! Let us know if you are interested in short- or long-term missionary work! You can contact me at juan.vallejo@fbmi.org. May the Lord bless you!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family