Juan and Amy Vallejo Prayer Letter: Your Participation in Our Ministry Is Vital!Thank you! Your participation in this ministry is vital! Your prayers and giving truly make a difference. Thank you for praying for our health and for God`s provision for the needs. We thank the Lord for the many souls saved the past few months! “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them . . . .” (Matthew 28:19)

We led Christopher to the Lord and taught him the importance of baptism after salvation, and he was determined to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. He has been faithful to church and soul winning ever since, and he has hardly missed a service. Raimondo is from Northern Brazil and is here for work, he likes our church so much that he wants me to start a church just like it in his hometown. He was happy to hear the truth of salvation by grace, readily accepted the Lord as Saviour, and was eager for baptism.

In May, we celebrated Mother’s Day with a Ladies’ Banquet. The boys helped me on some projects for the church in preparation for this event. It took a lot of time and heavy lifting, yet we were able to finish by 11 p.m. Amy prepared a delicious meal and decorated, and Esther made one of her beautiful cakes for the ladies. Amy spoke on the characteristics of God, and several ladies gave testimonies. It was a special time for them.

Amy was asked to record a 10-minute video testimony for one of our supporting churches. She spoke on staying anchored on the mission field. [If you would like us to send it to you via Telegram (this is an app you can download to your phone), please send me a request to juan.vallejo@fbmi.org.] By staying anchored on the mission field for the past 14 years, she was able to witness to our neighbor, who had never been open to hearing the Gospel until just recently. She led Vanda to the Lord a short time before she passed away. Vanda’s daughter Tatiani also accepted Christ as her Saviour! Amy thanks the Lord that she did not miss out on the blessing of winning Vanda and Tatiana to Christ, as well as so many others who have opened their hearts to hearing the Gospel after all of these years faithfully serving in Brazil!

We also celebrated Juan’s 17th birthday in May. He has blessed us with his boldness for the Lord and his love for preaching God’s Word! He has a strong voice and does a superb job leading the congregational singing and the youth choir.

Imagine a young lady, whose parents are from America and Mexico, out on visitation with her church in Brazil, and she meets children from Haiti! Esther was so thrilled! She immediately was intrigued by and fell in love with these kids. We are praying that the entire family will come to church soon.

We are so proud of Esther’s accomplishments, not only academically but also as a very attentive and caring young lady who loves to bake, sing, and share God’s love with others. She is gifted with languages; and although she speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently, she studies a few other languages just for fun! She has been a missionary since the age of three, and she is a vital part of the ministries here in Brazil.

In June, we celebrated the Brazilian Valentine’s Day with dinner and desserts. I preached a message on the love of God; people responded and enjoyed the fellowship after the service.

We celebrated David’s 15th birthday in June. He is talented with electronics and helps with our sound system every service. We thank the Lord for his enthusiasm in serving the Lord and love for people!

In July, we celebrated the Harvest Festival. The children dressed up, and the churches enjoyed the traditional foods. Everyone loves this fun event, and several visitors came as well!

Thank you again for your faithful prayers and financial support. Please continue to pray for our health and for the strength to maintain the two churches! We appreciate your prayers that God would help us reach many more souls for Him with the time He gives us.

There are still many needs with the building in Sao Paulo and Cotia, (installing electricity, mounting doors, plumbing, plaster, painting, yard maintenance, installing air conditioning in the nursery, and Sunday School rooms, and updating/mounting the sound systems). The church van needed some work recently.

However, our most essential need is for laborers! People are dying and urgently need to hear the Gospel! We are trying our best and come home exhausted, especially on Sundays when we have three services, soul winning, and counseling. We prepare a meal for the teens as well. On Saturdays, we have a full day of evangelism, choir practice, evening service, refreshments, and counseling after the service. On Sundays and Thursdays, we have a long drive and return home very late at night. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, we are on the same property, yet we still get home late.

The ways in which one can help lighten the load of the missionary on the field are endless: accompanying the singing (piano, guitar, etc.), giving music lessons, tutoring for homeschooling, passing out tracts, running the sound system, preparing for events, organizing, and helping with maintenance on the church, along with working in Vacation Bible School, outdoor Bible Clubs, the Public School Ministry, and the nursery. We can accommodate short- and long-term missionary helpers (singles, couples, families, and large groups) for a church missions trip. Let us know if you would like to help shine the light of the Gospel in Brazil! May the Lord bless you!

In His service,

The Vallejo Family
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