Juan and Amy Vallejo Prayer Letter:  Fulfilling the Great CommissionWe are preparing for our Soul-Winning Conference this Friday through Sunday, October 13-15. We appreciate your prayers, as we desire to teach God’s command for soul winning and how we can fulfill it. If you did not receive our January–May 2023 video update, please send your request by email to juan.vallejo@fbmi.org, and we will send it to you.

We thank the Lord for the over 80 people who placed their trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour in May through September. In May, Amy was invited to speak for a Mother’s Day Banquet. She delighted in taking her sweet daughters to this event, a testimony of God’s gifts to us. I helped bring a group of ladies from our church in Sao Paulo to our Cotia church, where the ladies from both of our churches enjoyed their “Beauty of Christ” Banquet, where Amy taught on how to beautify our lives spiritually.

Adriana and Getulho have been faithful to our discipleship Bible studies. I had the joy of baptizing this dear couple on May 27. Not all of their family were supportive of them following in believer’s baptism in a Baptist church! Although discouraging, it has not deterred them from inviting their family and friends, and many have come to know the Saviour!

Adriana’s cousin Marquinhos came by our church one day with his fiancé, and David clearly and boldly shared the Gospel with them. With tears, they received the gift of eternal life. Getulho helped us pick up a longtime friend from the States at the airport. They met at the same event where Marquinhos was selling helicopters. How often does that happen? We need to be ready to give an answer to all whom the Lord sends our way.

In June, I was asked to speak for a Couples’ Banquet for the Brazilian Valentine’s Day. I spoke on valuing your spouse. My wife and I enjoyed our time together and valued each moment on our date! In July, we had a Harvest Festival, with a great attendance, 5 visitors, and 4 people trusting in the Lord for salvation.

Eleven years ago, we returned to the States for a medical furlough for Amy’s high-risk pregnancy with the twins. It was our only furlough, and we did not get to visit many churches. In August, God provided for my wife and me and our three youngest to return for a short, six-week furlough. We were so blessed to visit our sending church. People sent messages saying they were so touched by our older children’s spiritual maturity and responsibility for the ministry in our absence. Daniel is 15, and as he saw the need, he volunteered to lead the music and is doing a fantastic job. The church claps for him, as he has been such an inspiration to them at such a young age! His appreciation for his older brother Juan’s preaching, David’s devotional in Proverbs, and the Spirit-filled church services is a blessing!

The Saturday before our return, Dina’s eight-month-old granddaughter suddenly died in the emergency room. She told us how much Esther helped her stay calm and was such a sweet counselor. Our boys helped 13-year-old Vinny, who was inconsolable and overcome with grief during the service. They said that Juan Jr. preached a clear message that night, which strengthened their faith.

Our dear Adriana, although a young Christian, stayed with Dina in the hospital during this tragic loss and helped her navigate through the flood of emotions and overwhelming grief. They realized that every church service and sermon taught prepare us for the trials, and we never know who may need us to walk through the trial with them. She said if not for the last several months of church services and preaching, she would not have been prepared to help Dina.

Thank you again for your prayers, which sustain us! Thank you for your giving, which helps with the many financial needs! May the Lord bless you!

In His service,

Missionary Juan Vallejo and Family