Joseph Elwell Prayer Letter:  We Need Your Help!I NEED YOUR HELP! We have started the Liberty Baptist Church here in Yuma, Arizona. This is the 47th time that God has allowed me to help plant a church. God has already blessed this church with some wonderful people. The situation: as I continue to travel, we need a future pastor for this church. God is moving a fine family here, the Thomas McConkey family. Bro. McConkey has 13 years of full-time Christian service as an assistant pastor, and for the past 7 years, he has been a senior pastor. God has worked in his heart for him to come to help in this new work in Yuma. I am asking for some support for Bro. McConkey to be able to work full time in this church plant.

Please help us! This area has the opportunity to reach many of the military families serving our country. This church is already supporting 3 missionaries and is busy about reaching this area with the Gospel. This church, in its first 10 months, had over 120 different people walk through the doors of this church. We have seen many people saved through this work in the past 10 months. Just last week I had the privilege of leading another young Marine sergeant to the Lord! God is working, and I would like to ask if you could to take this church on for support for at least a year. If not, would you please consider taking a one-time offering for the Liberty Baptist Church?

If you would, please send any offering to Liberty Baptist Church, 7875 East 24th Street, Yuma, AZ 85365; and designate it to Bro. McConkey.

Thank you so much. You have been wonderful supporters of our ministry, and I try not to ask for things for myself but for the cause of Christ.


Dr. Joseph Elwell