Joseph Elwell Prayer Letter:  God Is Blessing Our TravelsDear Pastor and Prayer Warriors,

God is blessing in our travels and meetings. It does seem to be a struggle with some of the churches to increase their Faith Promise giving. Some churches have had faithful folks move away, and some have been hit with layoffs. Please pray that God’s folks would be blessed and faithful.

We have seen many saved this spring. At least 20 folks have received Christ as their Saviour. I had the opportunity to go out soul winning in every church. At one of the conferences, I was out with a young man who had only been saved a couple of years himself. He was on fire for the Lord and for souls. We were on our way to an area to knock doors. I noticed a young man picking up trash along the street; he was picking up trash for community service. I asked my young partner to turn around and go back. In just a few minutes, the young man received Jesus into his heart. Praise the Lord! All of his sins and transgressions are now forgiven!

Thank you for all your prayers and faithful support. Please continue to pray for us. We will not be home until the first week of June.

May I plead with you all to please be faithful to witness for our Lord? It seems that there are fewer people being faithful to soul winning. May God continue His blessing in His great work.


Joseph Elwell