Joseph Elwell Prayer Letter:  Busy in the Lord's Work“Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow.” (Mark 4:3) I trust that you are busy in the work of sowing and reaping. God has certainly been blessing in our ministry. It seems the more of the truth of the Gospel that we sow, the more we reap.

God has blessed in our ministry in Yuma with new converts and new folks coming to the church. God has blessed in our travels, as I am currently out preaching some conferences. In Clarksburg, West Virginia, we had the opportunity to lead a young mother named Cassie to the Lord. She was so thankful that Pastor Ludwick and I stopped by and told her about being saved through Jesus. As we left, she made the statement: “I sure needed to hear this today!” Amen! God is good.

The traveling has been at a much slower pace with the motor home. Please pray for us that God will provide the expenses and keep the motor home free from needing repair. For me it is the best way to travel; and, praise the Lord, I don’t have to be around the world as much.

We are looking at helping with a church plant in Hasting, Michigan, this coming fall. I am excited about it and look forward to seeing yet another church planted and seeing people saved in another area of our country. Please pray for the Peterson family, as they are led of God to start this church. Pastor, if you and your church would like to help with this project, please call direct to schedule Brother Pete Peterson at (269) 213-9716. A love offering or a few months of support would be a tremendous help in the cause of Christ in this needy area.

Crystal and I are still going strong for our Lord. We are looking forward to this new church plant, as well as still pastoring the Liberty Baptist Church in Yuma. God has us busy, and what a joy t is to be counted faithful to work in His ministry.

Thank you again for your faithful support.


Joseph Elwell