Jonathan Bryan Prayer Letter: We Are Back to Pre-Pandemic Weekly Services!OUR PRAISES

Glory to God! The churches are now back to pre-pandemic weekly services! We are so blessed to have such faithful church members who love God during this difficult time with the Coronavirus. We are overjoyed to have opened our doors, and almost everyone has returned faithfully to the services!

We continue to get the Gospel out each week by knocking on doors, but another way of getting His Word out is through planned events in the church. The youth are happy, as we have also started working with some other churches around our state to help provide monthly Youth Conferences. To us there is nothing more exciting than seeing young people on fire for the Lord, and we are so blessed to be helping them grow in Christ.

Despite the pandemic, or maybe because of the pandemic, we’ve had new visitors almost every week. This has been a real encouragement to my family, as well as to our regular church members.


Since arriving in Mexico, our goal was and still is to be church planters. We did not go to the mission field with the intentions of starting a children’s home. But the Lord opened the door, and we saw the extreme need all around us. We are asking for special prayers for three of our children who were suddenly removed from the home by their parents. Their parents are extremely poor, and it appears to be somewhat of an abusive situation. The kids are now not in school and are working in the brickyard on a daily basis with their parents. The kids are only seven, eight, and ten years of age. Here is a picture of these precious children. Please pray that the Lord will work in the hearts of the parents to bring them back to a place where they can be fed regularly and can grow in the nurture and admonishion of the Lord. Please do pray for Natali, Mauricio, and Angel.


• We ask first that you raise these three children up in your prayers: Natali, Mauricio, and Angel.
• Pray for safety from the virus as we continue to go out soul winning each week.

His servants by His grace,

Jonathan & Laura Bryan