Jonathan and Laura Bryan Prayer Letter: Is One Soul Really Worth It?OUR PRAISES

Some may ask, “Is one soul really worth it?” Without a doubt! About a month ago, we had a special children’s day in the church. We had many, many children from all around the church come and hear the Gospel. It was a great blessing to see God’s house filled with so many children hearing His Word.

Truthfully, many of them never returned the next Sunday, but Kimberlie, one young girl whom we reached, not only returned, but she has been very faithful and excited about coming to God’s house each and every service! After a few services of her attending faithfully, we gave Kimberlie her very own Bible. She literally jumped up and down with joy when she received it. Oh, that you and I would still find a thrill in having God’s precious Word in our hands.

Now, back to our question, “Is one soul really worth it?” Without a doubt!


One of the desires of the churches that we have been able to start while here in Mexico has been that the church members would also have a burden for their own friends and family, with a true passion to share the message of Christ. Therefore, last week we had a Missions Conference at the church in Guadalupe.

This was our very first Missions Conference in our new building. With this conference, our church will be able to continue supporting our 10 missionaries, as well as take on 2 more missionary families. This is very exciting, because it means that our church members really see the need and have a burden to follow through with God’s commandment to give of themselves sacrificially to reach others with the message of salvation! It’s my privilege to co-labor beside them to carry out the Great Commission.


• Pray that God will continue to open the hearts of the people in our city to the Gospel.
• Pray that the members of our church will continue to grow in their walk with the Lord.
• Lastly, please pray for our continued safety here in Mexico, as it is still very dangerous.

His servants by His grace,

Jonathan & Laura Bryan