Jonathan and Laura Bryan Prayer Letter: God Is Blessing Our FurloughOUR PRAISES

My family and I are currently visiting some of the churches in the United States that have been supporting us for so many years. It has truly been a great blessing to see how God is still working in so many of the churches. It encourages us to return to Mexico with more fire and zeal for lost souls.

Some of our biggest blessings are the good reports that we receive about the work continuing in Mexico even during our absence. The members of our different churches continue to serve, and the Gospel continues to go forward. There have been special days, souls saved, and baptisms; and later this week, there will be a Missions Conference. All of these things are being led and organized by the people in our church during our time in the United States. This encourages us to know that God’s work will continue in Zacatecas, even someday when God calls us home to Heaven, which, by the way, we hope is many more years from now!

Another blessing we received two days ago was about a couple in our church in Mexico. Years ago, they turned from the Catholic church to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Some of their family members ostracized them for their faith in Christ, but they have remained faithful. The doctor told Sister Lula that it would be physically impossible for her to get pregnant. Apparently, the doctor did not know the Great Physician! They just gave birth to a little baby girl—God is so good!


Although we have enjoyed visiting here in the United States, the truth is, our hearts are back home in Mexico. That is our home church, and the believers in Mexico are really our spiritual family. Before we visit each one of our supporting churches, we pray, as a family, that God will help us to be an encouragement to each of the churches. Honestly, we have found that each church has been a big blessing to us.

Upon returning to Mexico, our greatest burden is to get our most recent church up and running and strong. As I have mentioned a number of times, it’s in the city of Calera, which is very dangerous, but God is using the weekly services to reach people—and that is our greatest desire. Christ is still in the life-changing business, and we are privileged to declare that message! Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf.


• Please pray for our safety on the road as we travel visiting churches.
• Pray for strength in the churches back in Mexico during our absence.
• Lastly, pray that our churches will maintain a burden for souls as they go soul winning each week.

His servants by His grace,

Jonathan, Laura, & Wyatt Bryan