Jonathan and Laura Bryan Prayer Letter: Consistently Sharing the Message of ChristOUR PRAISES

Despite everything happening in the world nowadays, we are amazed at how God continues to bring new families into our churches. We have strived to stay consistent in preaching God’s Word and sharing the message of Christ door to door, even during these confusing days, and God has certainly blessed. Almost every week, we see new folks arrive at our churches. After receiving the Lord, many of them become faithful members, growing in God’s Word.

One of our burdens over the last couple of years has been to see more men attending and serving God in the church. Now we definitely have more men in the services each week. Before each Sunday service, the men and women in our church divide up to have a time of prayer. Here’s a picture of some of our men during our prayer time.

The last church we were privileged to start has now been turned over to Rafael Ibarra. He is a faithful man who helps us in many ways here in the ministry. He and his wife are currently the boys’ house parents for the children’s home. Please pray for his wife, as she just received the good news that she is pregnant, something that they have been praying about for many years.


It has been more than five years since we were up in the States to report back to our supporting churches. Please pray as we try to make plans on how to go about this. Now that the ministries in the church have grown substantially, it is very hard for us to get away for a whole six months each furlough. Therefore, we are thinking about only going for three months and reporting back to some of our supporting churches. Then in a couple more years, we would try to report back to the other half our supporting churches. Please pray that we have wisdom concerning this.


Lastly, we ask that you continue to pray for our safety, as we have had a surge in violence in our city over the last couple of months. More than once, there have been bodies hanging from bridges in our city. I do not put this information in our prayer letter to surprise anyone. It is only that you would realize the importance of this prayer request for my family and me. God is so good, as He continues to keep His hand of protection upon us each and every day.

Lastly, please pray for a precious lady in our church named Hermana Paz. She has been the greatest encouragement over the years. Sadly, she received a diagnosis that her body is full of cancer. She is still maintaining a sweet spirit, as she is thankful to God for His help. Attached is a picture of this precious child of God. We covet your prayers on her behalf as she spends these last couple of weeks in bed. We pray that the Lord will give her comfort and peace before He takes her home.

His servants by His grace,

Jonathan & Laura Bryan