John Hays Prayer Letter: Update on Ministering to LiberiaI will bring to light the work in Liberia. Through $20,000 of donations, the Pure Water Foundation put this funding into Liberia. This money purchased 150 complete water systems (at $100 each), food, lodging, transportation, and fuel for our water team in country.

At the end of traveling in country and many training meetings, the country was greatly encouraged with healings from waterborne diseases, such as typhoid and cholera. For example, a man called to let us know that he was dying from one of these waterborne diseases. He was traveling to a clinic to receive medicine; however, the clinic had no medicine. But, he heard of a church in that town that did. He sought them out and was given treated water that had ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine. Within two hours, he was healed and returned home. He was given Living Water too.

Many people are still sick and unsaved. They are calling for Pure Water systems. Two hundred are being sent as soon as possible, with 700 more getting prepared for shipment, as promised, into multiple nations.

I responded to “the greatest problem the world has never acknowledged.”

I am sharing the Living Water with the world, using the “five loaves and two fishes” God has given me.

My finances are only at 10% of the need, but God will multiply what I have.

I am responding with compassion for the poor and needy. I’ve placed this in Christ Jesus’ hand.

I’m a blessed man because Christ has removed from my hands that which I don’t need.

My joy is sharing with His church. His mercies are new each morning.

God is allowing me to continue the water ministry in over 50 countries and in 12,000 villages.

Can you help by praying for or by supporting 1 Klor Gen system for $100?

Your support will give up to 5,000 people both drinking water and the Living Water for many decades.

His Water Boy,

John Hays
Pure Water for All Foundation

FBMI Missionary John Hays Prayer Letter Picture

Demonstrating the water-purification system