John Hays Prayer Letter: The Rocks Will Cry Out!God surely will not get upset with me if I write of His blessings twice in a month, will He?! I don’t think so. My fingers won’t fall off either. If I don’t write, the rocks will praise Him.

“Thank you so much for the updates, sir. The people of Liberia are very eager to get the water systems and batteries and solar panels, especially in the rural areas. We are going to Bong County in Central Liberia next week to do a lot of distributions to churches and the military. The immigration and police are jealous now and asking for some too. A lot of healing is going on, and people are coming to church. Our attendance has doubled on Sundays, God is working still. We are praying for more systems, batteries, and solar panels, sir.”

– Pastor George Menyon

Pastors receive water-treatment systems. Ghana and Togo are reaching many villages.

Ghana and Togo Report:

“We have taken a total of three different trips—two in Ghana and one in Togo—all with great success. I am very interested in planning a trip back to Togo, where I will train pastors; we will also be able to distribute more systems. I was debriefed a few moments ago by Rancy concerning the trip. We would definitely like to have more systems. These things open doors for us tremendously!

Thank you for this great work that God is doing through your submission to His work. You are making a big difference.”

– Missionary Ted Speer Ghana

Jesus Christ is sending revival, not only in Africa but also in South America. Pray for Jesus to reach the lost. Laborers are ready and asking for these water systems; they are tools. The shortage is $50,000 to send 500 systems into these three countries.

His water boy,

John Hays