John Hays Prayer Letter: May Jesus Be Glorified!God is working. I am attending the Missions Conference at Coastline Baptist Church in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The volunteers are constructing the chlorine generators each Tuesday.

Hays Pure Water functions exclusively through pastors around the world. Church plants, salvations, and improved health are being reported. What better way is there to report than through personal testimonies!

Greetings and love from Karnplay [Nimba County, Liberia] and its surrounding communities!

With high appreciation, I email this update with thanks to you and our brethren for the wonderful donation of the purification machines. There is a lot that our God is doing through the use of the purified water produced by the machines.

First, my family has been greatly blessed from drinking the water and using the solution on fungi- affected body parts with a quick relief thereof. Second, the Karnplay Church has had a speedy growth since the donation and usage of the machines. Our regular church attendance was between 120 and 150 before your visit and donation, but last Sunday, we had more than 350 in the service, including visitors. We praise the Lord for you and the donation. Third, a new church has been planted from the use of the machine and serving others.

In Karnplay, we produce and distribute the solution every Sunday after the service. This encourages people to worship with our church as well, and hundreds are hearing the message of holiness and turning to our Lord in faith. Attached are some photos.”

Another testimony is from Guatemala:

“We traveled to one of the areas of our country of Guatemala in white land Chiquimula, where we met the pastors in a church where the presentation was, and there the community leaders of the sector arrived. They will receive the drinking water purifiers for the entire community, benefiting more than 500 families. In addition, the pastors will have an economic benefit for their families for making the chloride. They thank all the donors for their good hearts and that they will have drinking water, and they will also have a beneficial economic income for the entire community.”

Another testimony is from Liberia:

“Great news from Liberia! New churches been planted because of John Hays chlorine water.”

Thank you for many generous donors and prayer warriors. Without your prayers and the power of God, my efforts are futile. May Jesus be glorified.

God’s water boy,

John Hays