John Hays Prayer Letter:  Jesus Is the King of Kings Doing All His PlansA pastor from the Republic of the Congo sent a short movie of children sitting in a mucky, brown river collecting drinking water. A stone’s throw away from there, people were washing their laundry. The water was so filthy you would not want to step into it, let alone drink it.

The Khlor Gen machine, made and designed by the Pure Water Foundation, can purify an entire village’s drinking water. It purifies water by turning salt water and electricity into disinfectants. Dirty water can be made safe to drink by adding a few drops of natural disinfectants, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine.

Jesus’ blood to forgive one’s sins is presented as the Living Water at the same time as these villages are given the Khlor Gen machine to purify their drinking water. Systems were sent during the last three months.

Since June 30, 2020, over 835 chlorine generators, along with the Gospel message, have been sent out and distributed into 835 villages, not only in the Republic of the Congo but also in Panama, Kenya, Brazil, Rwanda, Malawi, Honduras, and Peru.

A team of volunteers meets weekly to assemble the oxidant generator. They have made 1,775 systems in 2020 to date.

The pandemic has kept travel down. We are managing to send them out around the world via air freight due to a generous donor. Thank you for prayers and donations.

Since June 30, 10 villages each day are being given both the Living Water of Jesus Christ and clean drinking water. National pastors and missionaries are distributing them and doing God’s work.

Christ is doing His plan.
John Hays