John Hays Prayer Letter: Great News from Ugandan Refugees!Great news from Ugandan refugees! In the summer of 2021, Missionary Eric Porterfield requested 200 complete water-treatment systems for Ugandan refugee camps . . . but the story begins 10 years prior to my meeting my friend, Eric Porterfield.

I had distributed around 1,200 complete systems into South Sudan. We reached about one million people. I made a return trip with Evangelist Caleb Garraway in 2013. Many souls were saved. Then a war broke out. Those million people fled south to the Ugandan refugee camps. Eric Porterfield has now gone back to those same people and the Muslims. Both waters are freely given.

Fast forward to today, March 2022. The work of the Gospel continues!!

Hays Pure Water is working with Pastor George Menyon. A return trip is planned in April. Another 200 complete Klor Gen 3000 water-purification systems will be given, along with the Gospel, not only in Liberia but also in Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone.

I’m working with two separate missionaries in India. One is using the water system to rescue children from the mines and child slavery. Orphans will run to the mines to get rich. Evil people will capture them for personal use.

The second is Missionary Braxton Jackson, who is on deputation. He sent three ahead to jump-start his ministry.

My heart is full. I am going to go on full-time deputation. Pray that I keep broken to go. My soul cannot bear to say “NO” to children and the lost.

His water boy,

John Hays
Pure Water for All Foundation