John Hays Prayer Letter: Changing the World One Drop at a TimeIt has been a great year in missions so far. Lord willing, Hays Pure Water will deliver and distribute a total of 1,100 chlorine generators by the end of the year to reach as many as 3,300,000 people with safe water and the Gospel! And most importantly, the Word of God is going forth! Glory to God! Thanks for your prayers and donations that make this all possible! This is God-orchestrated. Nobody could plan this. 😇🙏✝️❤️

Jerry Wyatt

“We have used Hays Water Systems to get into many schools, villages, clinics, and even our main hospital so that we might share the good news of the Gospel. People are always amazed at how simple the system is to use and are excited to use it in their own application. I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with over 100 doctors, nurses, and medical professionals at our local hospital because we were donating one of the larger systems. We have used it to open the door to share the Gospel in villages as well. When people understand that you care about their physical health, they are more open when you start talking about their spiritual health. We use one of these systems at our church ever week. We are able to treat our drinking water for our church to use each Sunday and throughout the week. We are excited to see how God is using these systems to further the Gospel.”