John Hays Prayer Letter: 24,000-Plus Families Served in 2021Helping bring clean water and the Gospel to more than 24,000 families in 2021! How does clean water help villages? Imagine spending hours every day searching for water. Then imagine the water you worked so hard to collect makes you and your family sick. Your family has now lost time and health, and without either, there’s little room for school, work, or making progress on your dreams . . . but with clean water, everything changes.

Gospel, Charity, and Prayers

Local pastors and missionaries implement sustainable water projects in remote villages. Since 2006, thanks to donors, prayers, and the Gospel, we’ve brought clean and safe water and the Gospel to more than 13 million people around the world.

We could tell you all about the difference clean water makes, but we’d rather let one special missionary tell you instead.

“Thank you for making this 2021 Gospel outreach to nearly 1.7 million poor people in 10 nations possible through prayer and donations and the hard work of our partners overseas!”

There were more than 24,000 families served in 2021!

Help take clean water and the Gospel to the next country. Pray and give so these pastors in Sierra Leone, Africa (pictured below), can have 200 Hays Pure Water Systems.

Another way to give is to sponsor a village with a gift of $100 or more. Honor someone special by giving a gift in their name. Legacy giving—join us in shaping the eternal future and making clean water and the Gospel a part of your lasting legacy.

God’s water boy,

John Hays

FBMI Missionary John Hays Prayer Letter Picture

We are praying that we receive enough funds to get 200 Hays Pure Water Systems to these pastors in Sierra Leone, Africa.