Jerry Wyatt, Jr. Prayer Letter:  We Have a House!We have located a house, and the owners have agreed to the amount we wanted for rent. It is a new, but unfinished house, and there are still quite a few things that they have agreed to take care of before we will begin to pay the rent. Once we give them our first six month’s rent, that money will be used for even more things that need to be done, such as painting, kitchen cabinets, kitchen sink, toilets, lights, fans, etc. that will enable us to move into the house. Praise the Lord! We are able to stay at the orphanage here until we can move into the house. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s direction in all that needs to be done at the house. We also need to move our container of belongings from Dar es Salaam to the house here in Tabora. That will be a major undertaking and is a significant prayer request as well.

I have had the privilege of leading devotions every morning for the staff of the orphanage and have been invited to preach almost every week since arriving in Tanzania at one of four different churches, both in Morogoro and Tabora. We have already begun to offer Bible discipleship lessons to those who have recently trusted Christ and others who are interested at two churches in Tabora and the orphanage. At the orphanage alone, when an invitation to receive Christ was offered, 4 men and 4 women responded trusting Christ. As you may know, this was a very specific answer to prayer. One of the men who trusted Christ was 74 years of age and has already come to church with us.

A few Saturdays ago, we received an invitation to come to a government political party celebration. It was from the local city councilman for the village that includes the 200-acre property that we hope to use, Lord willing, for a Bible college. Most of the village was there, and I was given the opportunity to address everyone, invite them to church, and open the celebration in prayer. On Sunday I preached in the church out there, and two teachers from the local elementary school came. One of the teachers named Flora responded to the invitation, and Rachel had the opportunity to lead her to Christ. The head caregiver of the orphanage also responded to the invitation. She believed she had already received Christ but was experiencing doubts. Rachel was able to share verses with her concerning assurance of her salvation. Please pray that both of these ladies will be able to really grow in the Lord as they work through the discipleship lessons.

Sarah and Tim are doing fine. As a matter of fact, along with their homeschooling, they love the adventure that the orphanage offers. There are many things for Sarah to do around the children and staff, and Tim is always exploring or creating some other adventure. Our friends here at the orphanage, who are independent Baptist missionaries from Northern Ireland, have offered Sarah and Tim one of their German Shepherds. She is a very energetic two-year-old puppy with whom Sarah and Tim have fallen in love. This also was an answer to specific prayer for a good dog for the family.
Thank you so much for your continued prayers and friendship. They both mean a lot to us! It is such an encouragement to know that you are “helping together by prayer for us.”

Grace to you,

The Jerry Wyatt, Jr. Family