Jerry Wyatt, Jr. Prayer Letter:  The Awesome Blessings of God!Just a quick note before we share the awesome blessings of God. We are so thankful when a new church or individual begins to partner with our family in taking the Gospel to Tanzania. In order to make certain that your intentions are clearly understood in the FBMI office, please indicate on your correspondence that you would like for your support to go to:
The Jerry Wyatt, Jr. Family (Missionary #85).

We praise the Lord that we have been enabled by HIS marvelous grace to purchase our tickets to return to Tanzania on November 24. Lord willing, we will spend Thanksgiving 2014 in Tanzania thanking HIM for HIS infinite love and grace!! Please pray as we prepare for the return to Tanzania and move to Tabora.

June and July have continued to be very busy months as we visit churches and share about the effectual door that God has opened to us in Tabora, Tanzania. It has also been such a blessing that God has allowed us to preach many times about HIS marvelous grace, a truth that is so often misunderstood. So far during June and July, we have visited 14 churches in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. We also have had the opportunity to preach and teach to children, utilizing our Tanzanian puppets during a tent meeting. Praise the Lord! Four more new churches have already told us that they believe God wants them to partner with our family. Also, our schedule is quickly filling up for the last four months of our time left here in the States. We are really anxious and excited to get to Tabora. For now, however, it is HIS desire we get out the word to churches and individuals about the tremendous need to share the truth of the Gospel with Tanzanians who, at this point, are still very receptive to it and desire to learn the Word of God.

Please allow us to share a few examples of how God has been working in unmistakably miraculous ways. When HE does the working, there is no mistaking Who deserves the glory! We call it God’s grace. In our last prayer update, we asked that you would “. . . pray that God would protect us and keep our van running smoothly as we travel so many miles.” God miraculously answered above and beyond all that we ask or think. HE touched an individual’s heart to replace our air conditioner compressor at his shop and, together with members of his extended family, bought a complete set of new tires, which were also badly needed. We praise the Lord for the sensitivity of HIS people to HIS Spirit. We had not even known this family before visiting their church by faith one Wednesday evening in June. We also asked you to pray that “. . . we would be sensitive to HIS leading to churches and individuals that would partner with us in the ministry in Tabora, Tanzania.” After preaching one morning at a tent meeting about God’s grace and placing our faith completely in HIM to supply all of our needs, an individual stood up and walked to the platform. He said that the Holy Spirit had touched him, and he asked two of the pastors who supported his family to take half of his families’ monthly support and send it to our family (his family was there and was in agreement). Only God could have done that! On another occasion, we were planning to visit a church for a Sunday evening service. The church was about 45 minutes from where we were staying, so we made sure of the service time by checking their website. When we arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled service time, there were no cars in the parking lot, and the building was locked. We were confused, since we believed that we were following God’s leading in visiting the church. On the way to this church, we had noticed and remarked about a sign for an independent Baptist church of which we were not aware. We decided that we should try to go there, even though we would be late. We arrived at the church and slipped in the back. We were recognized as visitors, and after sharing that we were missionaries, we were asked if we would be willing to share about the ministry. At the end of the service, we were graciously given a love offering. The pastor also invited us to his house for pizza and an opportunity to get to know each other. On Monday we scheduled the following Sunday to come back and participate in a mini Missions Sunday together with two other families. We preached and shared the ministry on Sunday evening. After the service, the church voted to begin partnering with our family and the other family that they had not previously supported. When God is in control, He is glorified, and we receive the blessings.

“God’s grace is never a joint effort.”