Jerry Wyatt Jr.  Prayer Letter:  God's Timing Is PerfectGod’s timing is perfect! We have learned that we simply need to wait on Him! He knows how much we can handle and the perfect time to open the doors of ministry opportunity.

There are now four Baptist pastors out in Kigoma, an area right on Lake Tanganyika about six to nine hours to our west—depending on the road situation, who are continually asking us to come teach the Word of God to them and the members of those four Baptist churches. We have made three trips in the past, but before we can make any future trips out to Kigoma, God has to take care of a few things that are currently hindering those trips. We are confident that He will remove them in His perfect timing! Would you please pray with us about this opportunity?

Praise the Lord! The digging has already begun for the 450 meters of waterline that will be bringing water to Faith Baptist Church. On February 4, we held a special service, which was attended by our city mayor, several of our district officials, and several representatives from the water department. We ceremonially passed on our contribution to the project (made possible by one of our supporting churches in response to specific prayer) to our mayor (attached picture), who in turn passed it on to the water department. The Gospel was clearly preached, and several visitors indicated that they prayed and trusted Christ. We also were blessed with the opportunity to baptize 10 believers. A big thank you to those of you who prayed with us for this special day. Please continue to pray with us that this project will be completed in a timely fashion and that we will shortly be able to have water inside the building.

During the month of February, we placed a special emphasis on married couples. We encouraged them to be faithful to church and to sit with their spouses. What a blessing it was to see this taking place with even some couples who had never sat together before.

We are blessed most services with visitors. Lately a couple of the visitors have become faithful attenders, not missing any services since first attending. God promises that HE will build HIS church. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to watch HIM do it!

We are experiencing phenomenal attendance in the school ministries, with more than 500 students a week hearing the Bible taught. Please pray that the Lord would graciously open the understanding of these students so that they will understand the Gospel clearly and trust Christ. Please also pray that those who trust Christ will grow spiritually and that many would even visit Faith Baptist Church. In preparation for the special ceremony service, we met our district education officer. He invited us to teach the Bible in our district elementary school. The first week there were over 200 students and we had to turn away many because there was simply no more room—even on the floor. Beginning with the second week, we split the class into two classes. Praise the Lord for this new opportunity!

Please pray with us as we prepare for a special Easter Sunday service including the Lord’s Supper.

Please pray with us as we seek God’s perfect timing to start a Bible institute. We have enough people now who have gone through the discipleship lessons and are interested in further, more in-depth Bible study, and practical spiritual training.

What a privilege it is as human beings to allow God to do something with our lives!