Jerry Wyatt Jr. Prayer Letter: God Answers PrayerThe Lord has been good to Faith Baptist Church and our family. After nearly half a year without rain, we started sincerely preaching on II Chronicles 7:14 and praying that God would heal our land. Our prayers were answered, to God’s glory, but with the much-needed rains also comes much-unwanted flooding of the areas around the church. Thankfully, we have not gotten stuck in the mud, but others have on two occasions as they were leaving church. God, however, even turned that situation around for His glory, as two young men who helped to get the vehicle out of the mud came the following Sunday, and both trusted Christ as their personal Saviour.

Since our one-year anniversary, mentioned in our last prayer update, we have been praying that God would continue to add to the church those who would be faithful to Him. God has sent many young people and children who walk in from the surrounding neighborhood. Rachel has been faithfully teaching the young people up through junior high age. Wonderfully, many have been coming on Wednesday evenings as well, and they now have their own prayer time. It is such a joy to see these young people come to trust Christ as their Saviour and continue to grow spiritually.

In November, we had a special Sunday with our sister church coming in from the village. The church provided dinner on the grounds for all. Five trusted Christ as their Saviour, and there was a baptismal service with 4 following the Lord in believer’s baptism.

As mentioned in the past, we have had to bring our water in by cart for our baptisms. Many of those times, it was by donkey cart. We are so thankful that since our last prayer letter, a church offered to help us enable the water company to lay 450 meters of water pipe that will bring a main line within feet of the church property. The water department agreed to move forward with the project and cover half of the expenses. Please pray with us about this project, because many people are involved. Also, we have already begun to organize a special Sunday to invite the mayor (who is our city councilman and has already agreed to come) and representatives from the water company to receive our half of the expenses ceremonially. Please pray with us for this special Sunday, which will hopefully be in January after everyone gets back in their offices. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move on hearts, as we will be sharing a clear presentation of the Gospel.

On December 16, we were privileged to conduct the fifth wedding service here in Tabora. We are very thankful for this precious couple. Please pray with us that God would continue to bring folks to the church that would have a hunger and thirst to know HIM and HIS will as this young couple does.

One of the highlights of every year is the annual Christmas Day service, and as usual the building was full. The children sang two Christmas carols, Timothy read from Luke 2, and children from the orphanage stood in front dressed as the participants of the nativity scene. It was such a privilege to focus on Christ and be challenged from His Word to allow room in our lives for Him.

Finally, we would love to wish you all a very Blessed and Happy New Year!

What a privilege it is as human beings to allow God to do something with our lives