Jerry Wyatt Jr. Prayer Letter:  Above All That We Ask or Think!God has done abundantly above all that we could ask or think possible. In our last update, we wrote that we had found a house to rent. We prayed that the owners would agree with the amount that we wanted for rent. Praise the Lord! He answered our prayers! Because it is an unfinished house, wiring, plumbing, and many other projects continue to be worked on throughout the house. The owner and family have put a great deal of trust in our family by allowing us to oversee the finishing of these projects. We do hope that you will continue to pray with us for all that is needed to complete this house project. For various reasons, including safety and sanity, we are anxious to have our own house in which to live. In a similar way, it is very important for us to find God’s will concerning a used but reliable 4WD vehicle. During the rainy season, we had to use 4WD many times on our son’s truck, which we were borrowing while he and his family were on furlough. Please pray with us concerning this very important need.

One day while working at the house, the owner, a very well-respected elderly lady in our town, said she wanted to visit church with us the next Sunday. After a very clear presentation of the Gospel was given, she responded by receiving Christ as her personal Saviour, along with several others. She has come back to church several times and has even brought a visitor on one occasion. One of the young people who received Christ as his Saviour that same Sunday has already begun discipleship lessons. This past Wednesday he took his first test. What a blessing he has been to the entire church.

We also praise the Lord that our containers have arrived safely in Tabora. We thank you for praying for this specific prayer request. Many of you knew that our Mom Wyatt was trying to sell her house. Due to the fact that we had a lot of things stored in the house and that she needed a few extra hands to help with her move, she provided a way for us to make a quick, 25-day trip back to the States to help her move. Sarah stayed here at the orphanage, while Timothy stayed with our dear friends and fellow missionaries, Mshama and Martha Kinyonga, in Morogoro. Mom also made it possible for us to ship a container to Tanzania with some badly needed appliances, a lot of her furniture, and other things from the house. We are so thankful for the army of folks from many churches that came out in the cold March weather with snow on the ground to help us load our container. Praise the Lord! He is so good!

Upon our return to Tanzania, we have had a wonderful blessing and open door to start an evening service here at the orphanage. Rachel also started a Sunday school class for the older children who are able to understand and participate. It has been so exciting to teach them God’s Word in a structured way and to see them begin to understand some very basic Bible truths.

After inviting every child we see at the houses near the church and on the way we take to church, we have seen the Sunday morning Sunday school class more than triple in size. It has also brought a fresh excitement to the church services, as they sing enthusiastically and participate in other ways in the service. Some of the men of the church have even commented on the much more exciting atmosphere. Please pray, as we will be having our first evangelistic Kids’ Day at the church. Thank you for your friendship and prayers! We really appreciate them!

“Life is simply our faith in HIS grace!”